side impact beams

Precision steel tube, cold rolled steel pipe generating set is made of cold rolled, cold drawn or cold rolled and cold drawn together way of cold drawn pipe fittings manufacturing the complete set of weapons and equipment


Precision steel tube, cold rolled steel pipe generating set is made of cold rolled, cold drawn or cold rolled and cold drawn together way of cold drawn pipe fittings manufacturing the complete set of weapons and equipment, is the hot rolled steel tubes and welded steel pipe in finish machining of the generating set. Based on the production characteristics of the metal side impact beams material, pipe specifications, quality requirements and the project investment and economic benefits to choose different mode of production and the corresponding auxiliary process.
Cold cold tube drawing process basically has: tube billet, common tube billet manufactured goods for heat pipe or semi-finished processing, pressure pipe and welded steel pipe; Tube billet are prepared ahead of time, including inspection, baling machine, pickling passivation, cleaning, cleaning, and drying in processing, coating lubricants, etc.; Cold drawn (cold rolled or cold drawn); Roll manufactured goods manufactured heat treatment process, straightening, sampling, cutting fore and aft, inspection (human flaw detection) periodically check various, suppression test, anointed with oil, packaging, into the library, etc., not the same goods roll casting concrete contents have certain difference.Probably a lot of friends heard of high-frequency welded pipe and straight seam welded pipe, but we may not know what is the difference between between them. Different characteristics. Hf hanguan: by cold roll forming machine forming, after using the skin effect of high frequency alternating current (ac) and adjacent effect, working in the role of squeezing roller side impact door beams pressure welding, finish the production. Straight seam welded pipe, including both arc welding straight seam welded steel tube and high frequency resistance welder abbreviations for ERW high-frequency resistance welding machine, according to the different molding methods, arc welding straight seam welded pipe is divided into UOE. RBE. JCOE seamless steel tube, etc.
The material is different. High frequency welded pipe, high-frequency resistance welding of seamless steel tube is different from general welded steel pipe welding method. Raw materials melting welding using strip itself, the impact toughness is better than general welded steel pipe. Straight seam welded pipe, straight seam welded pipe materials include Q195. Q215, Q345, X42 pipeline steel series products. Straight seam welded pipe wall thickness by the regulation is divided into carbon steel tube and heavy seamless steel pipe, seamless steel pipe according to the hydraulic tube is divided into male and no external thread.
Different characteristics. High frequency welded pipe: smooth surface, high precision. Engineering cost is low, wrong side of the small welding, which is beneficial to cover E anticorrosive coating. High frequency welded pipe welding method and welding pipe are obviously different. Different. Due to welding welding is fast, in order to ensure the welding quality of difficulty coefficient is greatly higher than that of arc welding method. Straight seam welded pipe, the length of the straight seam welded pipe tube consists of distance and uncertain feet. According to the regulation of the user, the length is usually 6-14 meters large diameter straight seam welded steel pipe may require production two boards, it also has a double welding.
Galvanized pipe surface with hot dip galvanized or galvanized layer. Seamless steel pipe seamless steel tube to improve the corrosion resistance and service life. Commodity has a very wide range of applications. In addition to water, oil and other plastic coating on the general working pressure medium to low, is also used in the deep sea oil and gas field pipeline, heat conduction oil heater, chemical plants, cold rolling equipment heat conduction oil heater suspected cooling tower, exchange of coal distillation oil pipeline, road precast pile, mining, petrochemical industry such as fixed support pipes. Galvanized pipe elegant appearance, high corrosion resistance. In order to remove the defects, improve the plasticity, before pulling should use heat treatment process and pickling passivation, acid treatment should be clean aluminium coated steel tube and dry. Also can use blasting, sand blasting equipment instead of pickling passivation remove zinc ash. Must be carried out after quenching of roll, including cutting head, tail, edge, leveling, leveling, heavy volume, or longitudinal paste board, etc. In order to reduce the tube drawing when the sliding friction between the goods and special tool surface, easy to reduce the damage of the special tools, increase its service life and reduce energy consumption, and to ensure the quality, before cold drawn to wipe the lubricant. Galvanized pipe used in automobile manufacturing, electrical products, instrument panel power switch, engineering construction, office furniture, and other fields, guan, engineering construction, office furniture, etc.