Bei Zun Lian Jiao Nu

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Under the careful care of the palace maid Yingfang and the imperial physician,

Under the careful care of the palace maid Yingfang and the imperial physician, although Han Yingluo had not yet fully recovered, at least she could get up and get out of bed without having to lie in bed all day to recuperate. However, she was afraid of the tonic soup she must drink every day. When it was time to drink the tonic soup every day, there was always an impulse to escape, but she was afraid that it would embarrass Yingfang and the imperial doctor, so she had to endure the vomiting in her abdomen. That day, when Yingfang went to the dining room to get her decoction, Han Yingluo got up and got out of bed alone. She propped up her weak legs and walked trembling to the window, looking down at the frozen lake. The last time she and Xuanyuan Xiao jumped into the lake, the lake was not frozen, only a thin layer of frost, and in a few days, the lake formed a thick layer of ice, even people walking on the top, there is no need to fear that the ice will break into the cold lake. The weather was getting colder and colder. Even when she stayed indoors, there were many unextinguished braziers for her to keep warm all day, but she still felt cold. It was even more conceivable that the outside was several times colder than the inside. In such cold weather, it really made people so cold that they didn't even want to move. They just wanted to get close to the warm brazier. She looked at the brazier neatly placed on the ground and felt a little afraid. She used to be afraid of fire and water, but since that day, she was sadly afraid of both. It was also from that day that she clearly felt that both water and fire could easily take away human life. If you don't add more clothes, don't you think you're sick enough? The sound of mockery sounded again,ultrasonic generator driver, and Xuanyuan Xiao always came and went without a trace, following him wherever he went. Han Yingluo slowly turned around and looked at him. She was not surprised by his sudden appearance. Perhaps she should say that she was used to it. Tan's mouth gently called out the breath of white fog. Does not answer mean acquiescence? Flashing black eyes swept over her thin unlined clothes, and if she stood there again, she would have to lie half dead on the hospital bed. Nope! No, I forgot. She shook her head. He was, in fact, a good-looking man, and if he would smile more; if he would relax the stiff muscles of his face; and if he would not be constantly barbed and sarcastic, she thought, he would be very popular, not always annoying. Forgot? It seems that you only have good looks but not brains. Ha He laughed mercilessly at her stupidity. You His words were so hurtful that she did not know why he always treated people like this. Could hurting others make him happier? "How about me?"? Are you dissatisfied with the search again? It's all right. Just say it. I'm all ears. He stood upright with his arms around his chest, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic handheld welder, looking as if he would like to hear more about it. Are you always so reckless? Since he wanted her to say it, she pointed out his shortcomings without reservation. Wrong vote! He nodded and simply agreed with her. Don't you think that your willfulness will hurt others? His confession did not make her feel better, but only made her more angry. So what if you hurt someone? Others are not my concern, I only care about my own happiness and anger. In other words, he is a very selfish man. That's terrible! How can you have such an idea? Do you know how many innocent people will be hurt by your idea? She shook her head in disbelief. It was his personality that made her what she was today. She could hardly imagine how many people had changed their lives because of his momentary joy and anger. I don't care. He shrugged, amused, at her stunned expression. Is it terrible? Is he really terrible like this? Ha! It can be seen that she had never met a person who was a hundred or a thousand times more terrible than him before she would say so. You're just like your father. She murmured out the characters that everyone feared. What did you say? Tell me again?! Xuanyuan Xiao changed his face in an instant, darted forward, and clamped her throat tightly with his big palm. His eyes were no longer calm, no longer sarcastic, but angry, completely angry, deep resentment burst out of the black eyes, like a sharp blade piercing her. Han Yingluo was frightened by his sudden change, and she had only been with him for a few days, but she had never seen him so angry, as if she had committed his big taboo. What did she say? Dyspnea, she searched her mind for all the words she had said before, but her hands did not struggle. She looked at him quietly, quietly letting him take her breath and take her life. All the words she had said were repeated in her head, and finally she found out the crux of the problem. His father, Xuanyuan Wuji, was probably a person who should not be mentioned in front of him, and she also found that his hatred was really aimed at his father, not her. Don't mention him to me! Never! Or I'll kill you, okay? He hated the bloodthirsty blood of Xuanyuan Wuji, but he often brought this shortcoming into full play. In his bones, he was completely inherited from the cruelty of Xuanyuan Wuji. He smiled cruelly and bloodthirsty, but there was a touch of sadness in his smile, and his palms did not show any pity for her, as if to tell her not to make the same mistake again. The air on which she lived was gone. She could not nod or shake her head. Her thoughts gradually blurred. She thought that this time she would really die at his hands, which was a relief. Looking at her little face that did not struggle to survive, a complicated look appeared on Xuanyuan Owl's face, and then slowly loosened the grip on her, once again allowing her to survive safely. A large amount of air was suddenly inhaled into her chest. Han Yingluo's eyes were so big that she coughed painfully. She lost all the strength of her legs and fell forward softly. When she thought she was going to suffer severe pain from the impact, a pair of big palms quickly held her in her arms. It's him! Obviously he was just angry with her, determined to put her to death,ultrasonic metal welding, why should suddenly let go, and then, let her from the pain of flesh? He was always so moody that she couldn't tell when he would get angry again. You are so delicate. His tone was as gentle as the comfort of pity. Han Yingluo raised her head in surprise and looked at him with her lips open. He turned into the Xuanyuan Owl she didn't know.