The prehistoric sage is in a different world.

Chris did not speak, went straight out, at the same time the right hand empty grasp,


Chris did not speak, went straight out, at the same time the right hand empty grasp, but is more than a pole emitting a long gun rolling blood gas. Blood-weeping gun! After Lin Feng felt that the gun did not match his own conduct, he threw it directly to Chris. After Chris practiced the blood nerve, he also finished the sacrifice of the blood-weeping gun. After the battle with the strong people in Tiansheng Palace, the blood-weeping gun drew a lot of blood from the strong people and evolved directly into a treasure from the beginning. This, however, is the awakening of the spirit of the fierce soldier who weeps blood, immediately exudes a flaming evil spirit, with Chris's practice of blood nerve is to complement each other, the original demon sorrow has long been thrown aside by him. Strange to say, after losing, Chris's ghost hand actually gradually returned to normal, is no longer a ghostly appearance. Seeing Chris come out, Yulijin nodded slightly, tilted his head at a barbarian beside him, and opened his mouth lightly: "Strong?"? Beamon, you go and try! "I know!" Strong? Beamon looked at Chris excitedly. This strong Beamon was covered with thick and long hair, but it was so hard that a sword could never hurt him. This is a special race among the barbarian tribes, the Beamons, which are several times more powerful than the normal barbarians, and are naturally aggressive. Two people stand still, want to look at each other! Lin Feng and Yulijin led their respective subordinates back,water filling machine, waiting for the beginning of the war between the two. Your body is really weak, no, I can not eat a punch, or change a person! Strong? Beamon frowned at Chris, measured his fist, and looked at Chris's head. Chris twisted his neck and said lightly, "Well, don't talk nonsense, let's do it quickly!" "Then I won't stand on ceremony!" Speaking of which,juice filling machine, John? Beamon suddenly moved, his right fist tore the air fiercely, and in an instant, it caused a violent explosion in the air. The fist expelled the air, pressing the air to flow at a high speed, forming a terrible momentum field, brazenly pressing Chris, as if to crush Chris into powder. Few barbarians are able to practice elemental fighting spirit, and most of what they practice is fighting spirit or crazy fighting spirit, because, it is said, the God of war and the mad God originally belong to the barbarian race, and these two great gods are regarded as the main gods by the barbarians. Strong? Beamon practice is the fighting spirit, a body of fighting power can be said to be almost unparalleled in the world, a punch out, can be said to destroy mountains and mountains, infinite power. Boom! With a terrible force attached to his fist, water filling machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, he hit Chris in the chest, and in an instant, blood splashed everywhere, and Chris was blown hundreds of meters away. This is no good! Qiang Bimeng laughed and said, "I said, Lin Feng, you won't let such goods'color 'come down to compete!"! This is good, I am giving you a chance, let a person down, with me, this is the right to warm up! "You are so boastful!" Chris's cold voice is strong? Beamon's ear back "swing", then, only to see Chris slowly stood up, the original burst chest, actually in the strange wriggle, countless blood floating in the air "swing", accompanied by Chris stood up, the blood actually swam back to Chris's chest. In the blink of an eye, the wound on Chris's body was completely restored, as smooth as before, as if he had not received any injury. How is that possible? Strong? Beamon looked at everything in shock. Lin Feng is a faint smile, this is the terrible place of the blood nerve, practice to the extreme he has no weakness to speak of, unless it is an attack on the soul, or the body of the blood demon to completely destroy, otherwise they are immortal. Chris got the help of Lin Feng, practice blood nerve is also a little success, the general attack is difficult to hurt him, strong? Beamon's fighting power is strong, but it is impossible to defeat Chris's body. Sniff! Weeping blood God gun above suddenly burst out countless blood light, Chris pike suddenly dancing, all over the sky blood light intertwined with each other, as if it was a huge net, the moment has been strong? Beamon to envelop up, this blood light is with a shocking evil spirit, stab out of the moment, strong? Beamon suddenly felt that the blood in his body was rolling and there was a feeling of gushing out. Ah! The God of war is matchless, mighty and unyielding, fighting all over the world! Strong? Bimeng mouth suddenly burst out a roar, the momentum of the whole body suddenly soared, hard to suppress the gushing of blood in the body, the fist bloomed countless golden light, a pair of iron fists as if incarnated as thousands of weapons, unexpectedly to shake the blood gun with flesh and blood. There was a loud buzzing noise, and in an instant it returned to everyone's ears, only to see the golden light and blood light alternating with each other in front of them. In the air, an invisible storm suddenly rolled up, and the strong people around them all spread out their own body protection to avoid being hurt by the aftermath of the explosion. Strong? Beamon's momentum is getting higher and higher, and the power of his fists is getting stronger and stronger. Chris almost condensed the strength of the bleeding baby, which was suppressed a little bit. Ha ha ha clams! You're a little too weak after all! War? Beamon laughed wildly and thrust his right fist straight out. Will of the God of War? Roar! Roar! A lion's roar, where is it strong? A golden lion's head appeared on Beamon's fist, and the lion's head roared out? Beamon's momentum soared three points again. Strong and overbearing momentum, seems to be to destroy the wood in general,Beverage packing machine, to block everything in front of the body to be smashed together. Provide works such as hand-typed text version of the latest chapter first, txt e-book format free download. [Chapter 0184 Blood Armor] Chapter 0184 Blood God Armor. Boom! The fist has not come to the moment in front of Chris, Chris suddenly exploded into countless blood light quickly splashed in all directions.