"What the Great Elder means is." Another petite beautiful woman


"What the Great Elder means is." Another petite beautiful woman saw that the red-bearded old man wanted to say something else, hurriedly and secretly pulled his skirt, and preemptively said respectfully. In terms of the understanding of the human race, I think there is no other person in the Peng clan who can compare with me today. The Terrans are different from us Eldar. Their own strength is ordinary, and most of their magical powers are on their cultivation treasures. Therefore, some treasures can be thoroughly refined from the heart after years of sacrifice. This kind of treasure does not mean that there is no forcible seizure. But after grabbing it, the traces of the original owner in the treasure are difficult to get rid of in a short time. And the power of the treasure will be greatly reduced because of the change of ownership. I have carefully explored the treasure of this man's wings, and it is this kind of treasure. And I have received the news that the test of the deep earth of the Holy Son is imminent, and we have no time to grab the treasures and give them to other clansmen for re-sacrifice. Jin Yue hesitated for a moment, but still explained a few words. I see. But this way. Isn't it true that the blood of the true saint of this race is going to be exiled to a foreign race. This is not a trivial matter. The red-bearded old man still shook his head repeatedly. Is Elder Xu confused. If this clan does not pass the test this time, the whole clan will be swallowed up by other branches, and it is only a trivial matter to compare with the true blood. And to prevent this from happening. It's not like there's no other remedy. Said the girl with a flash of bright eyes. Ha ha, the words of the Great Elder are reasonable. Wait for this alien to help us through this disaster, just a flying spirit level of existence, when the time comes or kill or stay, it is not up to us to say. The middle-aged woman was stunned and then said with a smile on her face. Killing is impossible. Even if it's an alien. Once blended into the true blood of the gill ROC, it is really half of the clan. We are also subject to the Tianpeng Oath. Besides, really because of this, the clan through this catastrophe, he is also the benefactor of the clan. If there is no need, it is better not to hurt his sex, but to put him under house arrest and not let him leave again. Jin Yue glanced coldly at the beautiful woman. Said without emotion. It's okay to do so. Should we inform the guards and send someone to follow the alien secretly. Don't let him run away suddenly these days. But the red-bearded old man suddenly said so. Don't worry, Elder Xu. I just did something on his wings. If he had fled the city, I would have known at once. Jin Yue didn't care about it at all. It seems that the two of us are worrying too much, and the elder is very thoughtful. The beautiful woman's eyes flashed and she said with a smile. It's not to worry too much. Of the five elders of the clan, only three of us are in the clan. And this matter is related to the survival of the nation, the three of us must discuss the agreement before we can act. Otherwise, I would not have sent a message on the way to summon you two here. Elder Xu, what other opinions do you have? The girl is supporting two people. Said slowly. No, the Great Elder is already very safe. This time, both the beautiful woman and the old man agreed. The young girl heard this. Nodding his head. From the beginning to the end, the three Tianpeng clan elders did not mention anything about Han Lihui's refusal. It is no wonder that in the eyes of the elder and the beautiful woman, the great elder of the Tianpeng clan is just a god-level alien race, facial recognition thermometer , and it is impossible to refuse their request. At this moment, hundreds of miles away from the place where the girl and others were, Han Li was flapping his wings and flying at low altitude. On the surface, he looked as usual and was looking at the various buildings below with interest. But the heart is rolling, secretly thinking about their own predicament. This time, the muddleheaded exposure of identity, but the situation is not very good. With his experience of Wei Fu in the past years, he did not know that whether the girl's request was fulfilled or not, his fate was absolutely not very good. A blatant refusal is certainly impossible. As for the idea of running away at once, it had already turned several times in her mind when she had just left the girl's residence. But after the subconscious mind swept the wings of the wind and thunder behind him, Frey could only smile bitterly. The great elder of the Tianpeng clan brazenly planted a mark in his wings, and in a certain area, his whereabouts were all under the control of the other side. With his present cultivation, it is not impossible to erase this trace by force. But it will take at least a few days to make it possible. And for such a long time, the great elder could have been found countless times. It seems that the only thing to do is to put forward some conditions in advance that can make the other side throw rats and avoid weapons. Otherwise, he would rather take the risk to escape, and he would never really go as the son of the alien race. As for what kind of conditions to put forward, it is necessary for him to understand the general situation of the Tianpeng clan before he can think about it carefully. Fortunately, he has experienced numerous risks in his practice so far. At present, of course, we are in a situation where we can't advance or retreat. I didn't panic too much. Han Li is just flying slowly, while his mind is turning all kinds of thoughts like electricity. So in the following time, Han Li went to a tall stone house similar to a library in the holy city. He read nearly half of the books there. After a day and a night, I left there with a tired face. Back to the residence, Han Li in your hotel and closed the door, until the morning of the third day, he calmly left again. The goal this time. It was the trading hall that he wanted to go to in the first place. These three times on the road, did not encounter any trouble. After flying for some time, Han Li finally came to the edge of the holy city and stood in front of a strange building built on a hill. The building is next to a steep wall about a thousand feet high, and a huge rectangular square emerges directly from the mountain wall. At one end of the square, an arched stone gate about a hundred feet high opened on the mountain wall. On both sides of the giant gate, there were more than a dozen armed guards lined up, and in the middle there were many Tianpeng people coming in and out, looking very lively. In the distance, Han Li just squinted his eyes for a moment, then his wings moved behind him, and he flew forward in a blue light package. A guard in front of the door looked at Han Li, his face suddenly changed, and hurriedly gave Han Li a deep salute. Han Li nodded his head slightly and flew into the giant door in a big flash. Bright at the moment, what a vast space.