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On Huo Yuhao's body, a strange gray soul ring rose slowly, and when the gray soul ring appeared,push back racking system, Electrolux's figure flashed away beside him. However, there was no more brilliance in the eyes of the Holy Dharma God of the dead who appeared again. Is thi


However, he did not start immediately, but stared coldly at the direction of Zha Kuixian City. Almost at the same time as he looked at Zha Kuixian City, a cold hum came, "This emperor would like to see who dares to kill my disciple of Xuanlei Emperor." The tall fairy king breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the voice, and his eyes showed a trace of relaxation. At the same time, he glanced at him and his face became fierce. He knew that the powerful fairy king was already a dead man. Kui originally saw that the man was an acquaintance, so he let it go. But he didn't expect that this guy would threaten himself who dared to kill the disciple of Emperor Xuanlei before he got here. He immediately said disdainfully, "This king just wants to kill him. What about you?" "Ah.." The bearer had not yet fallen down, but he had already seen clearly what he looked like, and he immediately made a sound of surprise. (To be continued) Chapter one hundred and eighty-five Zha Kui secret. .. co "Ah.." The bearer had not yet fallen down, but he had already seen clearly what he looked like, and he immediately made a sound of surprise. Before he simply did not carefully look at who and the tall immortal king conflict, and the immortal king conflict, at most is just a fairy king, in his later eyes of an immortal emperor, is a mole ant general. It's all going to be killed anyway. It doesn't matter who it is. But when he saw clearly that this man was Kui, he immediately knew that this was not something he could afford to provoke. "He had heard of his ferocity, he had seen his ferocity with his own eyes,heavy duty metal racking, and he had asked for advice." It turned out to be Lord Ye, but Nong Yan was clumsy just now. The name of the immortal emperor is Nong Yan immortal emperor, at the moment than the original look is no sharp breath, let Nong Yan immortal emperor know, for the promotion of cultivation again. And he knew that although he was a fairy king, no one knew what he was doing. Because he himself has admitted that he has hidden a little bit of cultivation, who knows how much this little bit is? "I dare not,pallet rack shelving," he said indifferently. "I just heard who dared to kill you, a disciple of Emperor Xuanlei. So I'm in a state of fear." Kui mouth said frightened, but killing overflowing, where there is half of the taste of fear? Embarrassed, Emperor Nong Yan said, "This is my oversight. I don't think Lord Ye will haggle with a mere immortal king under my door.". It must be my disciple who has offended Lord Ye. If that's the case, I won't let it go. Although Nong Yan Xian Di was a little embarrassed, he also pinched his words. As long as the disciples do not take the initiative to provoke, then you are embarrassed to kill my disciples in front of me. If he knew that Yemo was compared to the time he had just met. Xiu Wei has improved several times again. Or he wouldn't have said that. He was not afraid of him at that time. At this time, he was even more fearless. The people around suddenly all dull, not to mention Yu Xie and Yu Xiang, that is, the tall immortal king whose arms were broken, also looked at everything in front of him with his mouth open in disbelief, industrial racking systems ,medium duty racking, what was going on? Nongyan Immortal Emperor is the highest immortal emperor of Xuanlei Emperor. He is also the supreme immortal emperor. He is also the top existence in the forbidden heaven. Who is he? A mere immortal king dares to say in front of Nong Yan's immortal emperor. This king just wants to kill, how about you? What surprised everyone was not this sentence, but the performance of Nongyan Immortal Emperor after listening to this sentence. This is the performance that an immortal emperor should have in the face of the immortal king in his later period? Is there any great backing behind this Lord Ye? Even if Ye Zongzhu's backer was the four emperors, he would not dare to be so rude to Nongyan Xiandi, would he? Yu Xie was so shocked that he dared not even breathe loudly. Nong Yan Xian Di had been famous for tens of thousands of years. As long as it is the immortal king, rudeness is the upper heaven or the middle and lower heaven, who has not heard of the name of Nongyan Immortal Emperor? Why was he so polite to him? The origin of Yuxie is clear. It's just a wandering casual practitioner. He met her when he was just flying up. Even if he has a chance. Cultivate to the immortal king, also won't let Nong Yan immortal emperor fear and so polite? They are going to kill the disciples of Xuanlei Emperor. Nong Yan immortal emperor as a clan immortal emperor, unexpectedly also scold this door disciple, this is where with where? With a snort, the murder was overflowing, and there was no more nonsense. Seeing this, Nong Yanxian was more and more frightened. He didn't think he had beaten him. At that time, Yu Long Xian Di, who was suppressed by his dragon horse, did not have a little temper, but also took out the fairy vein to compensate. Although he was in the later period of the immortal emperor, he was a little stronger than the immortal emperor Yulong. But who knows if there is any new fortune these years? Once a fight broke out, he was not even half sure, not to mention that his clan also had a late immortal emperor. Besides, one of the four emperors, Emperor Sakong, would never let him go. Why should he have a conflict with him at this time? Seeing Ye Mo's attack, Emperor Nongyan didn't dare to neglect him any more. He looked at the tall immortal king who had lost his arms and asked in a cold voice, "What's going on?"? If you dare to tell a lie, I will smash you to the ground. When the tall immortal king saw that the founder of the school was so afraid of him, he didn't know that he couldn't afford it. He quickly explained, "Xu Hao and I saw a fairy rabbit, and then we chased it all the way, but we didn't expect to lose the fairy rabbit.". When we found it, we found that she and her fairy pet were barbecuing our fairy rabbit, so.. Kui thought that these two people were completely blackmailing Yu Xiang, but he didn't think that there was really such a thing as looking for a fairy rabbit. He looked at Yu Xiang subconsciously. Yu Xiang woke up from the shock and said quickly, "I'm sorry. When Nuannuan saw the rabbit, he wanted to eat it. As a result, Nuannuan caught the rabbit very quickly.". I roasted the rabbit for Nuannuan, but I didn't think it tasted good, so I ate some too. Yu Xie and Kui, as well as Nong Yan Xian Di, had already understood this matter, and Yu Xiang had indeed roasted Xunling Xian Rabbit to eat. But the fairy rabbit was not the two fairy kings, but the two fairy kings used an excuse to stop Yu Xiang. When Emperor Nongyan realized this, his face sank and he said in a cold voice,asrs warehouse, "Because you took a fancy to the other party's fairy bear, you used an excuse to rob her fairy bear, didn't you?" 。