The strongest hacker

A McAfee is not worth much money. Most of the key technologies of the F-22 are ready to be exchanged with others. A McAfee is also irrelevant, but now the situation of McAfee is more depressing.


Do you think our company has a reputation now? Even if there is, how much is left? Besides, the laughing stock in the industry, the money in your hands is important, or the laughing stock is important? Customer source? There are not many ordinary users in the customer source, although some of them will be lost, but as long as we are sincere, some loyal users will stay, and those big customers, as long as we give them the solution, they can understand that these companies do not have their own technology department, their technology department can analyze such things, let alone our company. Symantec and other companies are the same. The director of the proposal immediately retorted. Everybody, everybody, everybody quiet down, now I think we are not using the method of any measure, but, even if we use such a measure, will gscsd pay attention to us? Who can guarantee that as long as we send an apology announcement,Magnesium Sulphate producer, we will be able to get the other side's forgiveness? And with all due respect, even if we want to publish an apology announcement on our official website, we may not be able to do so. Because as long as we operate the server, the other side's attack will follow, and the huge DDOS attack simply makes it very difficult for our employees to operate the background. This is only part of it, although there are many people visiting our company's website now, but I think,Magnesium Oxide powder, under the attack of the other side, few people can see our website. Devin, CEO of McAfee, said with a wry smile. After many directors below were stupefied for a moment, they fell back into the gloom of their faces. The atmosphere in the White House at the moment is not relaxed at all compared with McAfee's appearance of Hugo's Les Miserables. Bush is not angry with the Chinese government and the Star Group at the moment. Although the negotiations with the Star Group have come to a standstill for a time, at least the same negotiations with European countries have come to a standstill. Bush is not in a hurry, and these things are not in a hurry. Now that Bush is beginning to look worried about this matter, what was wrong with him at the beginning? How did you find the head of this evil star? Chapter 654 Les Miserables (Part Two). Chapter 654 Les Miserables (Part 2). Chapter 654 Les Miserables (Part 2). In fact, it is also fortunate that Bush does not know that gscsd is publicity, and publicity is gscsd. Otherwise, it is estimated that Bush has the heart to eat publicity raw. But now Bush has no way, or he simply can't think of any way. This is like a world-class boxing champion with superior force, and then hit him with one punch. Only to find that there was no one on the opposite side, but he himself had to be beaten. This rather suffocating depression and discomfort made Bush have an impulse to vomit blood, dap diammonium phosphate ,Magnesium Oxide price, but if it were not for Bush's healthy body, it is estimated that, in the words of ancient Chinese medicine, what melancholy into illness is his true portrayal. But maybe other people don't know, but as Bush's personal secretary, Shemir, who almost always lives in a villa with Bush, knows that in fact, although Bush seems nothing to the outside world during this period, behind his back, Bush is probably driven crazy. I have lost my temper several times for no reason, and the office facilities at home are also in great trouble. Bush has dropped them many times. But this is also a matter of no way, this period of time one after another bad news kept coming to Bush here, and now Bush has the world's most powerful state and violent institutions, but can not find anyone to vent, Bush is not depressed. "Crash!" A dull voice came from inside Bush's office. To tell the truth, having been Bush's personal secretary for several years, Shemir had never found that Bush had made such a gaffe. In the past, when confronted with any problems, even if the situation was bad, Bush never lost his temper to such an extent. It seems that this gscsd is really a disaster. Shemir shook his head slightly, and finally gently pushed open the door of the office. Then he helped Bush clean up the broken teacup inside. Seeing Shemir come in, Bush was a little depressed, but he said gracefully, "Shemir, please." Shemir shook his head slightly. "Mr. President, hasn't the problem been solved yet?" Bush gave a wry smile: "No, if only it were that simple, Shemir, hey.." Do you think I am a very incompetent president? Why did such a simple and humiliating thing happen in my office? Shemir quickly shook his head and said, "Mr. President, it's none of your business. After all, the strength of this gscsd is a little too strong. It has nothing to do with you. If it's incompetence, it can only be the incompetence of the technical and intelligence departments below. They can't catch this gscsd." Bush sighed and bowed his hand and said, "Shemir, you go out first and leave me alone." Shemir nodded at once, then turned and retreated respectfully. After Shemir left, Bush rubbed his forehead with a headache. Recently, his spirit is really not good. First, because of this gscsd thing, the entire McAfee's current business has almost come to a standstill. Not to mention the expansion of business, the current business can not be guaranteed. Many companies and individuals have repeatedly asked McAfee for compensation. But McAfee's current situation can guarantee the company's operation is good, how to talk about compensation ah? These are all things that Bush needs to solve,magnesium nitrate hexahydrate, but compared with the deadlock in the technical negotiations with Star Group, this is not a big deal at all. A McAfee is not worth much money. Most of the key technologies of the F-22 are ready to be exchanged with others. A McAfee is also irrelevant, but now the situation of McAfee is more depressing.