The sky of history

Gao Qiujiang hissed and blew the faint smoke on the muzzle of the gun. His handsome foxy eyes smiled into a slit. He blushed and said, "Han Qiuyun,horse weight tape, you can do it. You are still bold. An ordinary woman, like Zhou Biyun in your class, would have been scared to wet her


Unexpectedly, Gao Qiujiang of the women's service team in the field is not an ordinary animal. Unconvinced at first, he always felt that he was a respectable captain and medical officer driven by a woman, which was really improper, so he played a few tricks to turn over the beautiful woman's eyes. Of course, these little tricks have not played Gao Qiujiang's big tricks. After suffering several times, the captain Qi medical officer was as honest as a grandson, letting Gao Qiujiang shout and shout, and had to live honestly first. Apart from a few female soldiers who were originally demobilized from the army headquarters and division headquarters to serve as the backbone of the women's service team in the field, most of the new members were recruited in the Aotu Mountain area. Most of them were peasant women, who generally had no culture or a low level of culture. Like Han Qiuyun, they were already half a cultural person. All the personnel were selected by Gao Qiujiang one by one, and all of them had big feet. In addition to rescuing the wounded, carrying stretchers, practicing bandaging and learning to stop bleeding, the daily training courses also teach some combat knowledge and medical diagnosis knowledge. The nature of this team is basically prepared to be used to connect the ambulance team between the battlefield and the rear hospital. Han Qiuyun had never thought of playing such a role before, but she was almost killed for no reason at the beginning, and then she was not killed for no reason, which really frightened her. No matter what she is asked to do now, she dare not say anything. She used to be lucky to think that Chen Mohan's lip service was really useful, and she just said that the dead were alive. After that, she listened to Chen Mohan. Chen Mohan said,cattle weight tape, let's do it first. If it goes well, we'll do it. If it doesn't go well, we'll go to the Eighth Route. Now a month or so has passed, Han Qiuyun did not feel satisfied, nor did he feel unhappy. After breaking up, I have never seen Chen Mohan again. There is no news. I think Chen Mohan is not going to run away. If you don't run, don't run. Although Han Qiuyun is not very strong, he still has strength. He practiced it at his uncle's and aunt's home. Besides,Horse weight lbs, she had the experience of hanging herself, and her courage was not great. Naturally, she was definitely not small, unlike some girls who screamed at the sight of blood. Now, Han Qiuyun will never hang himself easily in any case. Once you get rid of Liang Daya's entanglement, living is really a very interesting thing. When I was eighteen or nineteen years old, I realized that I used to live in the bottom of a well and only saw the sky as big as a dustpan. Cross the Xigao Ridge, cross the Zhuangzi Ridge, then cross a river, walk 120 miles, is another world-that is never seen to the end of the clouds steaming rosy sky and the land of thousands of rivers and mountains. She actually became an anti-Japanese soldier on this land, and was soon appreciated by her immediate superior Gao Qiujiang. Gao Qiujiang is a sharpshooter who can pierce Yang with a hundred paces. In Han Qiuyun's opinion, Gao Qiujiang likes to play with pistols, just as Liang Daya likes to eat pig intestines and Chen Mohan likes to play Huqin. In his spare time, Gao Qiujiang pulled the delicate revolver out of its holster and threw it over his head, Surveyors tape measure ,Wheel tape measure, one or two feet high, watching it somersault down, and then steadily took it in his hand. On one occasion, it was probably a joke. The medical officer of Qi made Gao Qiujiang a little uncomfortable. Gao Qiujiang smiled coldly and threw the gun high in the air above his head. The moment he took it in his hand, he clicked on the safety. Holding the pistol with the safety open like a cigarette, Gao Qiujiang pointed to the crotch of Qi's medical officer and said, "Qi, don't just want the top to be happy and let the bottom suffer.". Do you believe that I can knock out your shrunken thing with my eyes closed? Medical officer Qi was so frightened that his face turned pale and he repeatedly begged for mercy. Five At the end of a field training, Gao Qiujiang stopped Han Qiuyun and said, "Han Qiuyun, I think you look pretty, strong and courageous.". Do you like shooting? Han Qiuyun said honestly: "I haven't played this thing before, and I don't know if I will like it." Gao Qiujiang asked again, "Han Qiuyun, do you have any pain?" Han Qiuyun originally did not have any pain, but was confused by this mindless words, and asked foolishly: "What is pain?"? Does this hurt and that itch? Gao Qiujiang smiled and said, "The pain is not just this pain and that itch.". Pain is not a matter of the flesh, it is a matter of the heart. Pain is pain in the heart. ” Han Qiuyun gasped and said, "I'm afraid this disease is not easy to cure." Gao Qiujiang stopped talking and looked far away for a long time. Then he turned around and said, "Han Qiuyun, I'll teach you how to shoot." With that, he drew the pistol from the holster at his waist and loaded it with a click. Han Qiuyun looked dizzy, more or less a little timid, do not know how Captain Gao is a teaching method. Gao Qiujiang smiled and said, "Turn around and look at the tung tree in front of you." Han Qiuyun then turned around and saw the paulownia tree. He felt even more nervous and turned to look at Gao Qiujiang. Gao Qiujiang said, "Don't move. If you move, you will die." The words fell and the gun rang, and the paulownia tree in front of him seemed to have been hit by a slap, rustling and shaking, throwing off a layer of dew. Han Qiuyun, after all, was an unworldly girl, and the sound of gunfire exploded from her side, and she was almost shocked. I guess in my heart, from Tong Shu to myself and then to Captain Gao, it's almost a line. Where did Captain Gao's gun come from? Not the left It's the right side. If you don't do it well, you can touch it with your open hands. If Captain Gao missed and missed a little bit, the little life that was not hanged made Captain Gao make a joke. The heart was thinking wildly, suddenly heard two shots, in Han Qiuyun's ears, the two shots were simply through his own body. The two guns were nailed to the tung tree, together with a hole in front of them, which was almost the upper, middle and lower line. This time, Han Qiuyun not only did not dare to move, but also did not dare to think. My mind was empty and buzzing. It was not until Gao Qiujiang said that she turned back that she came to her senses and turned around. Gao Qiujiang hissed and blew the faint smoke on the muzzle of the gun. His handsome foxy eyes smiled into a slit. He blushed and said, "Han Qiuyun,horse weight tape, you can do it. You are still bold. An ordinary woman, like Zhou Biyun in your class, would have been scared to wet her pants in this situation." 。