Days with ghosts

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Chu Tianming complained in his mouth. Not daring to stay any longer, who knows if there will be other buildings to collapse, Chu Tianming immediately stepped forward and ran to the other end of the street.

Zhuang Lixin's mother was in a fog all the time. She cried and said to her son, "Lixin, I don't know what you're talking about, and I don't know who's going to force you to die. You don't have any brothers. Don't be fooled by them. Mom only conceived one, and only gave birth to you. Mom swears, Lixin!"! It's terrible. You are confused by a ghost. If he wants to force a person to die, Lixin, you come down and your mother will die instead of you. At this time, Zhuang Lixin's father's face was very ugly. He didn't know what he was thinking. His mother rushed to the balcony. Before Zhuang Lixin could react, his mother stepped onto the balcony and said, "Lixin, don't you go down?" Zhuang Lixin said, "Mom, are you really only pregnant with my child?"? What are you doing? You are so dangerous. Mom, don't. It's not my fault and yours. I go down, and you go down. I understand that I don't have to feel guilty. I won't do anything stupid again. Whoever does it will bear it. Zhuang Lixin jumped down and wanted to pull his mother. His mother said sternly, "Don't come over. Don't touch me. I told you long ago not to be with such a magic stick as Qian Chunyang. If you are with such a person, you will get into trouble with unclean things. I want you to change your dormitory. I want you to go to school. You don't listen, but you want to believe and worship a liar. You finally got into trouble today." Today, you swear to me that if you don't promise to break off all contacts with him, your mother will warn you with her life. Zhuang Lixin said, "Mom, don't do this. I know. It's not your fault. Qian Chunyang is also right. If you come down,hot tub wholesale, I promise to listen to you obediently. But I can't break up with Qian Chunyang." I sneered and said, "You come down. He can't do it. I can do it. From now on, I won't have any contact with your Zhuang Lixin. I'm a magic stick or a liar, but I'll do what I say." I was caught off guard by the dramatic change of things. Zhuang Lixin's mother put all the blame on me, but the real culprit hid behind her and said nothing. I didn't want to provoke such a strange family any more. I finished and was ready to leave. Zhuang Lixin looked at me and said: "Qian Chunyang, did you break up with me?"? What about me? I sneered and said, "You can do whatever you want. You can rest assured that your brother won't kill you. It's nothing for me to break up with you. Two men, it's not love,massage bathtub manufacturers, it's just friendship. What matters?" I watched Zhuang Lixin's mother step down. Although I knew that Zhuang Lixin wanted to commit suicide out of sincerity to save his brother, his parents were too scheming. His mother was bold and bold, threatening his son with fake death. His father was insidious and selfish, and never opened his mouth. Has come to this point, he can not remember the things of the little devil, if not, then, he is a bastard, I am not worth the little devil, so, do not want to see such a dirty family. Failed to help the little devil, I chose to break up, want to give the little devil a little comfort, although Zhuang Lixin looks very pitiful, I can not be sure whether he is pretending, I did not look at him, endless swim spa ,5 person hot tub, took the little devil out. After returning home, the little devil and I were relatively speechless. That night, the black and white impermanence came over and took the little devil to Zhuang Lixin's house to ask for his life. The little devil chose to give up, and I acquiesced. The black and white impermanence was better to do less than more. He and I let Zhuang Lixin go like this. After the holidays, I went back to school, after the Zhuang Lixin incident, I was a lot of indifference to my classmates. Zhuang Lixin's mother was right. I was a magic stick, attracting ghosts and provoking ghosts. It was very good not to associate with me. The rest of my classmates slowly adapted to my indifference, saying that I was pretending to be aloof. Only Huang Shuqian, I scolded him or insulted him, he was always very good to me and did not care about anything with me. Good temper to explode, I have no way to take him, I have privately asked him why he is so good to me, he said: "I know in my heart, none of your business." I talked to the rest of my classmates, but Zhuang Lixin ignored me. In the same dormitory, they naturally saw that they wanted me to reconcile with him. I was very angry and let them get a rebuff, so they ignored me, and I was just happy to be alone. That day, Zhuang Lixin and I were the only ones in the dormitory. I just wanted to go out. Zhuang Lixin stopped me and said, "Qian Chunyang, how is my brother? It's not a way for him to be a ghost. Did you help him cross over?" I said I wanted to break up with him, but naturally I would ignore him. I went outside, but Zhuang Lixin hugged me and said, "Qian Chunyang, don't ignore me. You are my best friend. If you ignore me, I really feel uncomfortable. It's cold at home these days. It's really boring to live." With a sneer, Huang Shuqian came in, gave me a white look and said, "Yo, I hugged you. It's really not the right time for me to come in." I suddenly broke away from Zhuang Lixin and pushed Huang Shuqian down on the bed. I shouted, "I see you in a strange way every day. Even you don't like me, do you? I'm leaving. I don't live here anymore." Then I rushed out of the dormitory door, got on my motorcycle and went back to the Wild Ghost Villa. The next day Saturday, I went to school, I smelly face even Huang Shuqian also ignored, usually Huang Shuqian would come up and talk to me, yesterday I did too much, he was too lazy to talk to me, Jin Bailing they also because I was indifferent to them that day, angry with me and ignored me, but where did they know that three girls stood in a place to express their love to me that day, I could only remain indifferent. If I respond to them, won't I be interested in all three of them? Because of this, it caused their misunderstanding. Misunderstanding is misunderstanding. Anyway, it's not good for me, so as not to hurt them. After school, I rode my motorcycle back to the Wild Ghost Villa. Tomorrow is Sunday. I'm going to take the kid to meet his mother tomorrow. At least let him feel the warmth of home. As soon as I got on the bus, Huang Shuqian climbed into the back seat of my car and put his arms around my waist. My classmates all looked at me. I whispered, "You are so thick-skinned. You were scolded by me yesterday,endless swimming pool, and you came to take my car again today." He said in my ear, "Don't think I don't know. You did it for Zhuang Lixin. Besides, what can you do if you scold me? I'm so thick-skinned. You can't do anything about me." 。