Feng Cheng Fei Shuai

Chu Tianming complained in his mouth. Not daring to stay any longer, who knows if there will be other buildings to collapse, Chu Tianming immediately stepped forward and ran to the other end of the street.


Meng yuanjing suddenly said, "When I was in Tang Zhen's army earlier, I had seen the supervisor. He was very narrow-minded. In addition, he was born in the" Qianji Gate "and was used to all kinds of despicable tricks.". Frontier Shuai Chen mentioned this person all frowned, many times, try to avoid conflict with him. On one occasion, a general soldier was executed because he disagreed with him and he presented some unwarranted evidence. You have a conflict with him this time because of the prisoner incident, and you are afraid that he will go back to the court first and take revenge. The secret agents of "Qianji Gate" belonged to the emperor alone and were only responsible to the emperor alone, so their words naturally carried a lot of weight in the heart of the emperor. Junyu pondered for a moment and said, "I'll have to leave it to him." Meng yuanjing thought for a moment, then stood up and said, "Junyu, I'll take my leave.". I'm on my way. Jun Yu knew that he must be worried about himself and wanted to go back as soon as possible to make some arrangements. He couldn't help sighing, "It's already late at night, so why hurry for a while?". It's up to him to do what he wants. Although Meng yuanjing already knew that she had the intention of retreating, she could not escape from this, and things had to be explained. It is inevitable to go to Beijing to report on his work this time. It is even more difficult to retire peacefully if one is asked to play a secret book at this moment. He said no more and went out at once. The guards had already brought his horse. He got on the horse and said, "Junyu, you can arrange it before you set off. See you in Beijing." Then, without waiting for Junyu to answer, the figure had disappeared into the night with the sound of hooves. Zhang yuan, Lin Baoshan, Zhou Yida, Geng Ke, Bai Ruhui and other generals learned that Junyu had come back, and the next morning, they all gathered at Shuaifu. They all sat down. "When shall we leave, Marshal?" Asked Lin Baoshan. "Arrange everything today and start tomorrow." Zhou Yida, Zhang yuan and others had never been to the capital, and they had shown their talents since they joined the army. Now that their military achievements were in hand,endless pool swim spa, they could not help but have high expectations for the court, and they were all very excited and nervous. Jun jade heart dark sigh, this group of follow their own blood man, by virtue of the military exploits look forward to sealing wife shadow son nature. I'm afraid that "Feng Tang Yi Lao, Li Guang is difficult to seal". The meeting broke up, but Lin Baoshan stayed behind and said in a low voice, "Marshal, this time the supervisor will return to the court first. This man is very despicable. I'm afraid it will be bad for the marshal." Among them, Lin Baoshan was the oldest, and he was a direct descendant of Prime Minister Zhu before he went to the Northwest Army. He had been through the official strife for a long time, and he knew the power of those "unwarranted" charges very well. Therefore, he was not as excited and expectant as Zhou Yida and other uninformed people when he went to Beijing this time. "Thank you, General Lin, for reminding me," said Junyu. Since she entered the Northwest Army, jacuzzi manufacturers ,hot tub manufacturers, although Lin Baoshan initially acted in public but not in private, after several battles, he never played tricks behind his back. Later, he even began to go all out to fight in the battlefield, completely worthy of his general's name. She knew that Lin Baoshan was a direct descendant of Prime Minister Zhu, and now she saw that he not only refused to go on the road with the supervisor in advance, but also reminded herself in private, and she could not help but sincerely thank him. Although the size of the generals are all excited, also rest early, ready to leave for the capital tomorrow. Jun Yu also went to bed early, but his eyes were wide open and he was not sleepy. Suddenly, a strange and familiar voice came to my ears. Jun Yu immediately got up, quietly out of Shuaifu, followed the voice away. In the darkness, the figure never looked back, but knew that someone was coming behind it. The two men ran seven or eight miles before stopping under a lonely tree. The last quarter moon was alone overhead, and the wild sky was low. Junyu looked at the anxious eyes beside her and suddenly chuckled: "Tuosang, why do we always look like we're on the run?" Tuo Sang also laughed, but the smile soon disappeared, full of worry tunnel: "Jun Yu, what happened?" Junyu gave him a brief account of the secret incident and the arrangements for going to Beijing tomorrow. Junyu said frankly, "I don't know what's going on in my heart. Just take one step at a time." Jun jade looked at the distant sky, the emperor even under two imperial edicts and added a gold medal call, this time back to Beijing, if you want to leave easily again, the whole body and retreat, naturally will not be an easy thing. Tuo Sang had never experienced a complicated struggle and Machiavellian. Seeing Junyu like this, he was completely helpless. He bowed his head and kept silent for a while. He suddenly raised his head: "Junyu, if there is any accident, you can leave alone.". ” Looking at his burning eyes and firm tone, Junyu suddenly felt his blood boiling and his heart full of strength. "Tuo Sang," she whispered, "don't follow me to the capital. That's too dangerous for your situation. If I can't resign, I will come out. You have to believe that I still have the ability to leave alone. Seeing that Tuosang was still worried, she said with a smile, "You must wait for me here. If I come out and can't see you, won't it be very desperate?" Tuosang nodded his head. Chapter 115: Royal Confrontation Back in the capital, it was ten o'clock at dusk. Lin Baoshan and other generals who had families in the capital went home separately, while Zhang yuan, Zhou Yida and other generals who first went to the capital went to the residence designated by the court. Junyu was about to go with the others when Lu Ling suddenly said in a low voice, "Stronghold Leader, won't you go back to Shuaifu?" Lu Ling, Geng Ke and others in private still maintain the title in the Phoenix Stronghold, has been called Junyu "Stronghold Lord.". Only then did Junyu remember that he still had a "Shuaifu" in the capital. He couldn't help laughing and took several guards to Shuaifu. The guard at the gate was a stranger. "Who are you looking for?" He asked when he saw these men in military uniforms. "The marshal returns home and opens the door at once." The guards were frightened and opened the door at once. Afterward, a very exaggerated voice coquettishly sounds: "My husband, you come back." Junyu was startled. Two gorgeously dressed beauties ran over and grabbed her, one on the left and one on the right. Among them, the round-faced woman stared at him angrily: "The ancients all know that the wife of the chaff does not go to court. How are you? You are rich and noble,China spa factory, but you have left us behind. Could it be that you have left this handsome mansion vacant and want to climb another daughter?" Jun Yu couldn't help laughing: "Man Qing, Fei Yan, what are you doing here?" The two gorgeously dressed women turned out to be Zhao Manqing and Mo Feiyan. monalisa.com