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He did not look back,cantilever racking system, but pointed to the messy photos on the table with his backhand. Su Qi tried to recall, frowning for a long time, Ye Zinan has been very quiet waiting. She finally remembered. It was their wedding anniversary. Three years of marriage.


"I am not guilty." Suddenly, very lightly, she looked up and said. Everyone was stunned, and even the prefect came to the spirit-finally there was a turning point? His intuition was right, and there was something behind the case. Now that she knows she's going to die, does this woman know she's going to tell the truth? "Oh, bold woman, you have a grievance, quickly say with us!"! Didn't you kill him? Her eyes blinked as she listened to the clap of startled wood, but she shook her head. "No, I killed him." There was a burst of cursing in the hall. Murder also said that he was wronged-this woman, is actually a joke with the prefect! The prefect of Lin'an changed his face, but Su Ying looked at him with a cold look in her eyes. "But I'm not guilty," she said. Only God knows that I, Su Ying, should not die. The crowd of onlookers in the hall burst into laughter: I've never seen such an excuse for myself. I didn't produce evidence, but I admitted the charges and kept saying that I was wronged. "Hey, little lady, what's the use of God believing you are wronged?"? When the time comes, you won't be able to keep your charming head! "Yes, yes, tell me who killed your officer!"! Since you say you are wronged, tell me the real murderer! However, hearing the instigation of the boiling ears below, Su Ying just shook her head: "I killed him.". God knows I've been wronged. "嘁 ! Who knows? God knows what it will do! Do you think you will be like that filial wife in the East China Sea,heavy duty metal racks, with snow and drought in June, to prove that you don't deserve to die? The idlers in the hall finally became impatient and laughed and abused loudly, but Su Ying just closed her eyes and stopped answering. She absolutely did not want to involve that poor girl again-this matter is related to the woman's life reputation, in the Song Dynasty, which has a strict ethical code, is not a small matter. The criminal law of the Song Dynasty sentenced her to death, however, she firmly believed that in front of God, what she did was not wrong,mobile racking systems, she was innocent. "Well, I'll be on my way later. Have a good meal of decapitation!" Temporarily escorted back to the women's prison, the head of the prison with the Yamen served a large plate of hot food-to treat the prisoners who will go to the execution ground, even the most vicious officials have a little kindness. In the death row, Su Ying looked at the food without appetite, but asked for a basin of water and began to wash carefully. After killing someone, my sister really felt at ease. Suddenly, the ear heard the voice of the girl, Su Ying could not believe back, in the dim light of the prison, unexpectedly really saw Xia Fangyun Qiaosheng standing there, face haggard shapeless, accompanied by an elderly woman, is obviously a Mammy kind of character. "I don't know when all the yamen runners next to me have retired." How did you get in here? Su Ying blurted out, but the heart immediately understood. As long as you spend money, what can't you do? "I'll watch you die!" Suddenly, Xia Fangyun's voice became indescribably vicious and angry, drive in racking system ,asrs warehouse, "I want to watch you die!"! Why did you kill Song Lang! Why! Cough, cough, cough! The sixteen-year-old girl had a terrible light in her eyes and coughed violently, but she threw herself on the fence and reached into the women's prison with all her strength, trying to catch her: "You, why are you.." Cough, why, to kill Song Lang. You spiteful woman! I want to look at you.. Ahem, watch you die! "Miss, Miss, take care of yourself." Mammy hurriedly went up to hold the young lady, took out a silk scarf to cover the corners of her mouth, looked at Xia Fangyun because of coughing and almost stood up straight, repeatedly sighed, "Miss Tianxiang, you are too capricious." "Hurry up and go back. Your lordship knows very well." Su Ying looked at Xia Fangyun, the 16-year-old girl, apparently because she saw the sudden death of her lover, was deeply stimulated and immediately identified herself as a heinous person. She sighed slightly-well, let her keep the perfect shadow of a lover in her heart forever! Mammy helped Xia Fangyun away, and the poor woman was too weak to walk because of her sudden illness. Mammy went out and called someone to help her out. When she turned around, she suddenly saluted Su Ying and said, "Miss Su, anyway, thank you very much for not publicizing Tianxiang.". ” Su Ying was stunned for a moment, looked at the old man's face, sighed gently, turned his head, and did not speak. When the prison car went to the middle of the vegetable market, Su Ying saw a large group of people who stopped to watch on the street. As soon as those people saw that the woman sitting in the prison car was actually a beautiful woman, and that she was going to be executed, they immediately became energetic and followed her to watch the execution. The beauty of this little girl! How can you kill someone? "Fierce!"! It is said that he broke the skull of his own official with a stone pestle! "Tut, tut.." Yes, but tough, a mouth to admit-strange is clearly admitted to the murder, but to say that they are wronged! Isn't it strange to say that you killed someone and that you were wronged? And said that only God knew she didn't deserve to die. But she was dead when God found out. How interesting "Hey, it's hard to say. Maybe when God gets angry, there will really be a snow in June and a thunder in winter." In the crowd of onlookers, people kept whispering, and then talking and laughing, all of them were a group of green skin scoundrels in the market, who had nothing to do and simply rushed away to watch the fun. However, when the car passed Tianshui Lane, the discussion along the road startled a woman in white who lived in seclusion in the lane. When she walked out of the shop, her face suddenly changed and she sighed in a low voice: "After all, there will be such a day." Cher, Cher, look. The white parrot fluttered its wings and landed on her shoulder, muttering. Miss Cui, let me propose a farewell toast to you. Su Ying was pushed to kneel in the center of the scaffold, was closing his eyes and not thinking about anything, but suddenly heard a voice quietly. Her heart jumped: "Miss Cui?"? The man actually knew his surname was Cui! She opened her eyes in surprise and saw a white melon seed face, a woman in a white dress, holding a bowl of sake, squatting down at her side and looking at her-a lachrymal mole in the corner of her eye,heavy duty cantilever racks, full of tears. Miss White! Su Ying exclaimed in surprise. If she hadn't tied her hands behind her back, she would have rushed over and grabbed the mysterious woman's hand. "Are you, are you also in Lin'an?" 。