Golden Guest

He did not look back,cantilever racking system, but pointed to the messy photos on the table with his backhand. Su Qi tried to recall, frowning for a long time, Ye Zinan has been very quiet waiting. She finally remembered. It was their wedding anniversary. Three years of marriage.


As soon as Gu Shiqi saw it, he turned to the ancient giant spirit and the desert God and said, "You take the God ape with you. If you leave one of the enemies behind, you won't come back." Gu Juling knew that he was extremely angry. He immediately went out with the desert God and the ape. Then he said, "Elder brother, take care of Mom and Dad!" "Just do it," said Gusky. "Don't worry about anything else." When the seven monks saw the two men and the ape, they could not help but feel nervous, but they were forced by the situation and had to bite the bullet and drink out. The two sides just contact, suddenly see Tu Tianpeng behind and out of five red-haired strange people! As soon as the miser saw it, he said nervously, "Big boy, that's the five kings of the volcano!" Before Gu Shiqi opened his mouth, he suddenly saw the five red-haired freaks screaming and falling to the ground at the same time. One by one, they were separated from each other, and blood gushed out like a spring. Then he heard a loud shout in the air: "Tu Tianpeng, who else has come out to die?" The voice came from the mouth of Gu Shiqi,industrial racking systems, but it was expected that he would send out a colorless sword in the air. Tu Tianpeng was so frightened that his face turned pale and his whole body trembled. He turned around and ran desperately into the forest. Instead of chasing him, Gu Shiqi looked up and asked his younger brother, "Shixi, they still have thirty-three cave owners!" Gu Shixi shouted in the air, "Brother, didn't you kill three?"? I packed up the rest! Gu Shiqi nods: "That is very good, now you come down, we should take over Shi Jia sisters! We should take over Shi Jia sisters!" Then he shouted to the audience, "Sister Shi, warehouse storage racks ,mobile racking systems, come back!" In the twinkling of an eye, the last move of the Shi sisters had not yet stopped, and they felt that there were more Gushiqi brothers beside them. At this speed, even the Shi sisters could not help but be surprised, but they had to quit. Suddenly, the wind and thunder in the field, the surrounding mountains shaking, the fierce fighting, Jian Jin unspeakable! As soon as the Shih sisters withdrew from the court, they suddenly saw dark shadows pouring out of the east and west like a tide. At the same time, they saw Sanjue, Wumu, and Baxing retreating while fighting! As soon as they saw it, they shouted in unison, "The Wulin of the Central Plains should quickly split up to meet the attack. The Mitianhong Sect is attacking in full force." In the middle of the night, the scuffle suddenly started again, and ShaSheng shook the sky. In the sound of killing, the seven monks of Tianzhu suddenly threw their staff together, but they were like lost dogs, advancing in order to retreat, and ran away with their legs. They ran into the forest and happened to run into the Tu brothers, who were protecting a middle-aged man with a pale face. When they met, the middle-aged man sighed and said, "Masters, the Central Plains Wulin is out of control. You and the two worshippers will go to the capital to protect Ben Jue. We will look for them again in the future. If the two Gu boys are not removed, Ben Jue will never have peace!" In the fourth watch, ShaSheng gradually concentrated, that piece of space in the forest, simply became a sea of people, blood rain,Teardrop Pallet Racking, corpses base, the fierce fight, truly unprecedented.