The End of the Lazy Cancer Gospel of Quick Wear + Extra Stories

That night, after discussing with Piao Jiayan, Yao Chen made a surprising decision. They recorded a video, and with the help of hackers, they posted it on Starnet.

That night, after discussing with Piao Jiayan, Yao Chen made a surprising decision. They recorded a video, and with the help of hackers, they posted it on Starnet. In the video, the marshal stares at the camera with a confident expression, looking like the label of "overbearing president", "Lao Tzu is the first star" and "there is no one in the world who has not heard of the legend of his father". To formally introduce you, this is my partner. Under the camera, two people smiled at each other. Chapter 152 the adjutant does not want to be loyal 26. The year X020 is a year worth recording in the common history of humans and Zerg. After ending the civil war between gene fighters and natural people, the famous free organization of light brain hackers in the stars has done the second thing that shocked the whole stars, that is, to put an end to the long war between human beings and insects, which has contributed to the first long period of peace between the two races. Although they had many struggles and wars later, this unprecedented and miraculous peaceful situation created countless possibilities for future generations. This is not just the work of the Free Organization, many of which are working in secret with the Zerg. Like dominoes, when the first domino is knocked down lightly, the rest of the dominoes will have a chain reaction and fall down in turn. It was the video of the marshal and adjutant circulated by the Freedom Organization that knocked down the first domino. Yes, they are together, the strongest of humans and the strongest of Zerg! This event stirred up a huge wave,iron nail machine, like a tsunami, sweeping all intelligent creatures, each shivering in the storm, frightened and uncertain. To formally introduce to you, this is my partner, Yao Chen. Park Jiayan in the video said so. The whole world is quiet. All the light brain screens in human society, the giant screen projection over Tianxin City,Nail Making Machine price, are the faces of both of them. After the collective loss of voice, people find the ability to speak, some question the authenticity of the video, some lament the greatness of love, more in the exploration of conspiracy, worry about the future situation.. "Why?!" All people and worms have this idea in their hearts, and they continue to watch it with all kinds of moods. The marshal's tone was firm and confident. He talked about the journey he had traveled hand in hand with his adjutant. Friendship brewed into love after life and death. Although the adjutant did not agree, he thought he fell in love with Park Jiayan at first sight. It was love at the beginning, but he felt that there was nothing to care about at this time, so he acquiesced in this statement. You may wonder in your mind why we decided to be together and why we chose to go public at this time. The marshal seemed to know what the audience was thinking and continued: "I also know what you are most concerned about, whether our decisions have any impact on your lives and even your lives." "This was a private matter between the two of us, but as the strongest fighters in the world, we think it is necessary to give you an explanation." Then the marshal gave it to the adjutant. The adjutant smiled calmly. "I believe you have heard of my Zerg identity and are curious about where I came from and where I am going.". What I want to say is that for more than 20 years, I have always thought of myself as a human being, Nail machine supplier ,Automatic nail machine, and I have been working hard to become a loyal and excellent soldier, not afraid of sacrifice. It wasn't until last year that I learned part of the truth. Like the report you saw in the media and on the Internet, it was completely true. From a genetic point of view, I am indeed a Zerg now. And I knew no more than you do, so I can freely say that I am fully worthy of the upbringing and cultivation of human society and the federal government, and my conscience is at peace. As I just said, this is part of the truth, and then there is the whole story. The Federation's God-Making Project exists to create super-SSS-level god-level warriors. The Marshal joined the project when he was four years old, and I was in the plan before I was born. Even the Marshal didn't know about this part until recently. My parents donated the genes of their offspring, and through the preparation of the laboratory, I changed from human to Zerg. At that time, due to technical limitations, it was not detected that my race had undergone essential changes. When I was born, my physical level was only B, and the experiment was judged to be a failure, so I was no longer concerned and survived as a human. Later, because of various opportunities, I broke through to the SSS level, which attracted attention again. Yao Chen took a deep breath and said, "My parents have passed away, and the dead are gone. I don't agree with them anymore. After all, they let me be born. I have nothing to say, but the use of me by the Federation is really chilling.." The adjutant speaks very skillfully. He does not talk about any major principles, but tells the story from his own point of view. Simply speaking, he plays the emotional card to arouse the audience's resonance and reflection. Why didn't the Federation disclose the truth when Insykes announced that Yao Chen was a Zerg and made everyone suspicious and panicked? In that case, is it possible to redeem the adjutant and allow him to continue his service to humanity? With two SSS-class warriors working together, can humans win the war without fear of the Zerg? The Federation chose to bury the truth, continue to be wrong, and issued an arrest warrant directly to the adjutant, forcing him to choose the other side. Not to mention how the practice of transforming human genes and breaking taboos to integrate Zerg genes into human beings challenges the moral bottom line, it is enough for the Federation to deliberately frame innocent people, deceive the public and cover up the truth to arouse people's anger. In fact, Yao Chen is not completely innocent, he did choose to leave the human race after knowing his race, to seek refuge in the Zerg; and the Federation is not all evil people, they have patriots, benevolent leaders, but this matter, the war must have someone to take the blame? I'm sorry. At the end of the video, Yao Chen and Park Jiayan smiled hand in hand: "We are not weapons. We decided to live our own lives and refuse to be victims of war." The incident triggered a strong sense of war weariness among the people. At the end of the day, the war has been too long, and the gains have been few, and the Zerg seem to be getting stronger and stronger. Many people began to pay attention to the origin of the war between humans and Zerg, and recalled the history,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, reflecting on themselves, and the more they thought about it, the more they felt that the protracted battlefield lacked meaning.