I reached the top in the history of the entertainment industry [through the book]

"Mom!"! Hasn't the little rain come back yet? Ms. Chen asked as she changed her shoes. The family is short of a younger sister, and it's hard to avoid feeling a little unhappy.

"Mom!"! Hasn't the little rain come back yet? Ms. Chen asked as she changed her shoes. The family is short of a younger sister, and it's hard to avoid feeling a little unhappy. Not yet. Why are you back? Make me angry? It's not as pleasant as my good baby. Grandma picked up the smelly dog, the smelly dog stared at the apple in the bowl, wanted to struggle, but was afraid to fall himself, a pitiful look. Lin Yutong saw it and said, "Grandma, it's so heavy. Don't hold it. Don't tire yourself." Like a little pig, Grandma is seventy years old and will be tired, thinking that Lin Yutong disliked holding the smelly dog on the ground. "Well, Xiaotong knows that he loves people." Just after the smelly dog misunderstanding incident, grandmother changed the name, Lin Yutong do not know how long grandmother can remember, do not call her baby things, anyway, the next time will still become a baby. Lin Yutong had no hope of changing his grandmother's name. He blamed the smelly dog. Angrily, Lin Yutong reached out and grabbed the apple from the dog's mouth and threw it into the trash can. Smelly dog galloped away, but did not find the apple, aggrieved Baba took a look at the little master, dare not anger Wang! When Ms. Chen saw that her daughter was still so childish, she smiled helplessly and said, "Xiaoyuer said she would come back in two days." "Is it?"? Does she know to come back? Grandpa did not know when he came out and answered. Chen Xinyu is a fun-loving temperament, but also a freelance worker,wire nail machine manufacturers, half a year outside, grandparents are old, want to accompany the child, but the bear child is not obedient ah! Fortunately, the eldest daughter came in and was not busy working, and often came to see the old couple. Grandpa and grandma, today I celebrate my birthday in advance. What gift do you want to give me? When Ms. Chen saw that the old man wanted to be angry with herself again, she immediately gave her daughter a look and asked her to change the subject. Lin Yutong got the order from his mother and immediately acted like a spoiled child. The beloved granddaughter acted like a spoiled child,Nail production machine, and the old man's heart melted: "Xiaotong, Grandpa and Grandma gave you a big red envelope. Old woman, give her Xiaotong's red envelope quickly." "Come on, red envelope, happy birthday to our baby." "Woof!" “……” Lin Yutong gave the smelly dog a white look, looked at the grandmother's face book, spared you a dog's life, and turned to accept the red envelope with a smile, eh? It's so thick, and it's quite a lot! Every year, Lin Yutong feels that the gifts from his grandparents are the most desirable, like those things from his parents, which are not really red envelopes! "In a twinkling of an eye, we Xiaotong are eighteen years old, and we can make money ourselves. Your aunt doesn't even have a partner yet!" Grandma looked at her baby Fadou and changed her name with a smile, but when she saw that her granddaughter was a head taller than her, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,wire nail making machine, she remembered that she had no partner for a little daughter! If you like the same sex, you like the same sex! You should at least bring us a girlfriend back. Seeing that they are seventy years old, you can't rely on her sister to take care of them in the future, can you? You still have to have your own lover. Mom, didn't Xiaoyuer say that she would find a partner this year? Lin Ma comforted that the two old people had been worrying too much all their lives. But also, the younger sister is beautiful, and excellent, how can not find a partner? Is there something wrong with your body? Lin Ma secretly made up her mind to take her sister to have a physical examination. The poor aunt, who has been single for 30 years, is also suspected of having physical problems by her sister. Mom, I testify that my aunt is still single! Two days ago, she asked me to marry her in the program. Lin Yutong silently reminded his mother that in her opinion, his aunt could not find a partner this year. It's funny to say that my aunt came out of the closet without a partner. Now a large family, including close relatives, knows my aunt's sexual orientation and worries about my aunt's life. Don't talk nonsense, child. Seeing that her daughter did not give her sister any face, Lin Ma gave her daughter a white look, and now her sister's life event has almost become the heart disease of her parents, and her daughter has added fuel to the fire. Lin Yutong curled his lips and stood aside, knowing early and knowing late, knowing sooner or later, aunt has no object is no object, but also can conjure up one? Forget it, the elders speak, the children do not interrupt, Lin Yutong sat beside his father, watching his father play games. You dare to refute your mother, cow. Lin's father secretly praised his daughter. He had never disobeyed his wife in his life, but his daughter was awesome! Lin Yutong, who received praise, silently rolled his eyes, but his father was wise and never said a word to play games, so the father and daughter began to open the black together. After an early birthday at her grandmother's home, Lin Yutong will attend a birthday party the next day. This is her first birthday with her fans. Taking advantage of today's rest, she took time out to go to the venue in person. Sure enough, Yang Shengnan stared at it personally. Lin Yutong nodded with satisfaction. The gift to the fans was what she wanted. The freshly baked cards and posters were not bad in general. The time of the birthday party is from eight o'clock to ten o'clock in the evening, two hours. In the middle, there will be a host to go through the process. Lin Yutong also specially prepared a new dance for today. Mercedes Benz Cultural Center in Mordor. Lin Yutong's first birthday party was also equivalent to the first personal fan meeting. In a venue with 15,000 people, the tickets for the infield were still fired to 10,000 or 20,000. When she learned that the tickets for the birthday party were in short supply, she was a little surprised. Her fans were too enthusiastic, but it also showed that Yang Shengnan's hunger marketing played a role. On March 4, at eight o'clock in the evening, Lin Yutong went out while singing. Today she is wearing a pink princess dress and a crown. She is really a pink and tender little princess! At the end of the song, the host came on stage, followed by a question and answer from fans. The host took down a post-it note from the blackboard and said, "When will Yutong release an album? We are all looking forward to your new album!" Lin Yutong wanted to reveal the idea of a new album, but thinking of his manager's words,nail manufacturing machine, he said, "SGS has no plans for a new album for the time being." She just wanted to give fans a message that she would not release a solo album until her video contract with Goose expired, but fans understood that she could only release an album with a group. 3shardware.com