Shangguan Ding Broken Sword

As soon as Gong Ziyun and Ling Zhuangzhi heard this, they knew that Master Jinde was leaving, so they said hurriedly at the same time, "Why are you in such a hurry, Master?

As soon as Gong Ziyun and Ling Zhuangzhi heard this, they knew that Master Jinde was leaving, so they said hurriedly at the same time, "Why are you in such a hurry, Master? It's not too late to wait for half a day." With these words, the two men hurriedly stood up from the felt mat. Master Jinde shook his hand slightly and said kindly, "I have made up my mind. You two don't have to ask me to stay." With this remark, her expression changed into solemnity, and her kind eyes were destined for Gong Ziyun and Ling Zhuangzhi. She said with a straight face, "Now in the martial arts world, I am very shocked by the killing of the'Golden Sword Poisonous Swallow 'and the'Iron Bow Jade Ring'. The people in Jianghu pay great attention to the young man in a white shirt. Miss Gong knows this very well." As he spoke, he looked at Ling Zhuangzhi, who was listening respectfully, and said solemnly, "Before last night, the young man in white shirt had always been a secret figure in the black and white fields of Wulin. Now, you have killed tens of thousands of people in the Fairy Palace with the palm of Chiyang. It can be said that the truth has been revealed. At least people will tell you about your appearance and age, and know that your surname is Ling. In the future, you should be cautious in everything you do." After saying this, Shou frowned slightly, sighed softly, and went on to say: "Sometimes it is impossible to say clearly what is right and wrong in Jianghu. In the past hundred years, the people who killed dozens of masters in one breath in the martial arts world are probably unique except for the old devil'Donghai Xianweng 'and the'Chiyang Shenjun' who shocked the major sects in the Central Plains. Envy of the Fairy Palace is like spreading in the martial arts world." I have to give you a "little devil" hat. Hearing this, Ling Zhuangzhi felt ashamed and unconsciously lowered his head. Master Jinde said in a kindly and comforting tone, "However, Jin Yanniang's name has been widely spread. She envies the masters of the Asgard. Of course, she is also a bird of a feather. This may be forgiven by most people. As for the killing of the'Golden Sword Poisonous Swallow 'and the'Golden Bow and Jade Ring', you must try to find out the real culprits in Wulin, because most people in Jianghu think that they are chivalrous figures." As soon as Ling Zhuangzhi heard this, his anger suddenly rose. He could not help saying in a contemptuous voice, "What kind of chivalrous people? They are not only the gnashing enemies of the younger generation's teacher,car radiator cap, but also the gnashing enemies of Ye Daxia, one of the'Four Junjie 'and the'Red Wrist and Silver Pen'." Master Jinde gave a cry of surprise and asked in a hurry, "How did you know about this?" Ling Zhuangzhi just said frankly: "Because the younger generation has found out the white-shirted young man who killed Ruan Lingtai and Jin Zitian with Chiyang Palm." Master Jinde and Gong Ziyun heard a light voice at the same time. Their faces changed. At the same time, they asked in a hurry, "Who is that man?" Ling Zhuangzhi said without hesitation, "It's Ye Xiaojuan, the only daughter of Ye Daxia, the'silver pen with red wrist '." As soon as Gong Ziyun heard this, her eyes brightened immediately. She nodded affirmatively and added, "Yes, that night I chased the young man in the white shirt. Seeing that she was small and wearing a wide white shirt, I always suspected that she was a woman disguised as a man!" Master Jinde said, "Oh, there is such a thing. Come on, let's sit down and talk about it." Then the three of them went back to the mat and sat down. As soon as they were seated, Master Jinde looked at Ling Zhuangzhi and asked, deep draw stamping ,non standard fasteners, "Tell me, my child, how did you catch up with Ye Xiaojuan?" Ling Zhuangzhi did not dare to tell the truth. After a little meditation, he said with a sense of regret, "a few days ago, I passed Huangshan Mountain in the middle of the night. At that time, the second watch had already passed. At dusk, I saw a little white shadow, which stood out from the sea of clouds and went straight up to Tiandu Peak. My posture was extremely fast. At that time, the younger generation moved in their hearts and immediately chased after me.". When the younger generation climbed to the peak of Tiandu Mountain, the white shadow had changed back into women's clothes and was standing in front of two stone houses with a middle-aged beautiful woman dressed in green and carrying a Mandarin duck sword. As soon as Master Jinde heard this, he immediately nodded and interrupted, "That may be the wife of Master Ye, the invincible'Dai Feng 'Zhang Yunxia!" Ling Zhuangzhi immediately nodded and said, "Yes, it's her. Later, their mother and daughter made an appointment to fight'Hua Hua Tai Sui ''.". " As soon as Master Jinde heard "Huahua Tai Sui", he could not help frowning, sighing softly and saying with regret: "Alas, Dai Feng, Zhang Yunxia, and Ye Daxia were originally a beautiful couple, but because of this evil thief'Hua Hua Tai Sui ', the couple fell out. One disappeared and the other lived in seclusion.". ” Ling Zhuangzhi had no intention of inquiring about other people's private affairs, and even if he asked, the master was not willing to speak, so he continued: "Hua Hua Tai Sui was so numerous that they besieged their mother and daughter, and the younger generation had to show up to help." When Master Jinde heard this, he immediately asked in amazement, "Did you kill all those people again?" As soon as Ling Zhuangzhijun blushed, he immediately shook his head and said, "No, I only killed three of the'Three Evils of Panshan 'and an old man with a rat's head!" Master Jinde only shook his head when he heard this. Although Gong Ziyun did not speak, she paid great attention to Ye Xiaojuan, so she interrupted and asked, "You used the'Chiyang Palm 'to attract Ye Xiaojuan's attention." Without thinking, Ling Zhuangzhi immediately explained, "No, I used Miss Feng's cold jade fan as a weapon." As soon as Gong Ziyun's eyes brightened, she seemed to remember something. "Have you been to Shimen Town?" She asked in a hurry. Ling Zhuangzhi immediately nodded and said, "I went there the day before yesterday." Gong Ziyun said coldly, "Is Miss Feng also a woman disguised as a man?" Ling Zhuangzhi suddenly realized that Gong Ziyun looked unhappy and had to answer in a low voice. Master Jinde also saw that Gong Ziyun's eyebrows gradually frowned slightly, so he quickly changed the topic and asked, "How did you know that Ye Xiaojuan was the young man in white shirt who killed Lord Ruan?" When Ling Zhuangzhi saw Gong Ziyun's dimple, it was covered with a layer of frost in an instant. He felt very uneasy, so he raised his vigilance when he spoke. When asked, he had to say vaguely: "It was the Broken Foot Taoist who went to find Zhang Yunxia's predecessor and asked about the cause of death of Jin Yutian, the'Iron Bow and Jade Ring '. Only then did he know that Ye Xiaojuan had killed both Ruan Lao Zhuangzhu and Jin Zitian." Gong Ziyun smiled coldly and said, "It's strange that the lame Taoist said to me and the Master that you killed Jin Yutian, the'Iron Bow and Jade Ring '." Ling Zhuangzhi was already sweating on his forehead, because he could see that Sister Juan was beginning to be dissatisfied with him. When he heard this,die casting parts, he immediately explained, "That's because the lame Taoist already knows that I know Chiyang Palm." Gong Ziyun was puzzled and asked, "Why?" 。