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Five people last, is the peak, originally, just now is only his projection of the shadow, now the breath is more powerful, has the immortal peak realm, it seems that what he just said, is not false. The sudden appearance of five people, not only Yang Haoxuan surprised, even with the people

Five people last, is the peak, originally, just now is only his projection of the shadow, now the breath is more powerful, has the immortal peak realm, it seems that what he just said, is not false. The sudden appearance of five people, not only Yang Haoxuan surprised, even with the people of the Zhengdao sect, but also did not think of. Afterward, they also wake up to come over, the heaven way door is to take them as a cover, the master ambushes in the side, tempts Yang Haoxuan to make a move, then cuts off his back road. This situation, can not help but let them very uncomfortable, as if they were played, the heart of anger Tiandaomen so ignore other people's behavior, but also can only fear the strength of Tiandaomen, dare not speak out. At the same time, he was surprised by the three immortals sent out by Tiandaomen. Daxian-level elders can be said to be the core force of the sect and cannot be dispatched at will. Otherwise, all the Daxian elders of Tiandaomen are estimated to be there at the moment, but there are three of them, which is also very remarkable. Surrounded by Yang Haoxuan,ibc spill containment pallet, with no fear on his face and a smile on his face, he said to Tianpan Daxian, "This Daxian, you won't forget how I forced you back last time, will you?"? Aren't you afraid I'll make another move if you surround me like this? Speaking of Yang Haoxuan's tornado storm, Tianpan Daxian's body trembled, as if he remembered the tragic death of Tianxuan Daxian. But before he could speak, Tianfeng next to him stood up and shouted: "Yang Haoxuan, I have said that this time we came prepared. Do you know who is next to me?" He was referring,secondary containment pallet, of course, to the masked man. Without waiting for Yang Haoxuan to speak, Tianfeng went on to say, "He is the son of the Star Lord of a planet in the Star Universe. His name is Bao Gongzi. His father used to guard the treasure of the Nine Veins of the Demon Way. Later, when Demon Zun died, he abandoned the dark and turned to the light. With the treasure, he left the Tianhe Continent to develop a desolate planet. Today's scale is comparable to the real world!" Yang Haoxuan did not expect this masked man to have such a background, the heart can not help but be curious about the treasure of the nine veins of the magic way, look at the magic weapon of this treasure childe all over the body, it can be imagined that it is a huge treasure. But soon, Yang Haoxuan shrugged his shoulders and teased, "Tianfeng, you said so much, I found it's none of my business."? Do you want me to rob his magic weapon? Tianfeng snorted, then took out a bottle and said, "The reason for looking for Mr. Bao this time is to use his magic weapon to check and balance your strange.". Obscene tricks !” The bottle in his hand is transparent, but the light inside seems to be the extreme of a universe, very mysterious and beautiful, plastic bulk containers ,plastic pallet suppliers, Yang Haoxuan can not help but see the eyes of insight, and know that it is a top-grade Taoist vessel. Specific information, Tianfeng has begun to say: "This magic weapon, called glass bottle, top-grade Taoist vessel, can suck everything in a space into the star universe, no matter how strong your storm is, it can make you useless.". It's also a magic weapon that Mr. Bao has funded to subdue you. At this time, Tianpan Daxian also took out a magic amulet and said, "Yang Haoxuan, this is called the amulet of avoiding fire. Even if you escape to the sea of fire again this time, we can catch up with you." Tianfeng also pointed to Mr. Bao's umbrella and said, "This magic weapon can absorb treasures and weapons. Your two thunder magic weapons are useless. Without these cards, I don't know if your true cultivation can resist my fist." With that, Tianfeng's face showed pride again. Yang Haoxuan looked at them singing, his face seemed a little ugly, looking at the treasure childe, in the Tiandaomen compliment, there is a veil to cover, can not see what expression is now. However, he must admit that his cards were all calculated by them, and if it was as they said, he was in a very dangerous situation. In the Wuji Palace, Xiaoman also said seriously: "No, when you fight with others, you can't let others know you. You must keep your cards. Yang Haoxuan's cards are strong, but they are used a little frequently. This is calculated by them. It can be said that they are really prepared. The three immortals are really difficult." Yan Ya at this time offered his magic weapon, ready to go out to rescue. Wuji Palace is also under the control of Xiaoman, and the defensive formation is transformed into an offensive formation. And Yang Haoxuan at this time, a serious face, suddenly thought of what, can not help laughing. Laugh so much that everyone is puzzled. No one knew what he was laughing at, only Yang Haoxuan himself knew, because just now, he remembered that he had reached level 60. The level 60 skills of the three professions can be mastered. Three more cards that are more powerful than the Ghost Gate Melting Spring! Mage Lv60 Skill: Realm of Frost. Freeze the maximum number of targets in a circular area with a radius of 300 meters centered on itself, so that they can not move for up to 12 seconds, so that they enter a frozen state, the power of magic is halved, and the body becomes fragile. Warrior Lv60 Skill: Bound Soul with Flying Hammer. Throw a weapon at the target that deals 1.6x normal attack damage and slows it by 44% for 6 seconds Physician Lv60 Skill: Dance of Escape Use it on yourself or others to make them invisible for up to 20 seconds. The attack is visible. The visible attack is 2.3 times your own damage. The initial attack is affected by the strength of the character's attributes. In addition, the invisible effect will be broken by using magic powers or items on the enemy. Three skills, extraordinary, very extraordinary, especially two of them are doubled attacks, with the previous can do five times, add up to almost ten times ah! In particular, the applicability of the skills of soldiers and doctors is greatly improved. Yang Haoxuan hurriedly checked the attributes of the three skills in the game system. His confidence rose greatly, and the killing machine was even stronger. He thought to himself: "Hey, a group of 2B, around me, just a frost realm in the past, will freeze you, and then a flying hammer will bind the soul, ten times attack, and then under the influence of the frost realm, even Tianpan Daxian will die!" "Yang Haoxuan,plastic pallet crates, you don't have a chance," Tianfeng said triumphantly. "I'll give you a chance now. As long as you dissolve the marriage with Yanya, I'll spare your life." 。 binpallet.com