It is clear that the world is bright and proud.

A hand reached out and clasped me tightly. "I'm afraid the boy is hard to tame, and I'm afraid he's confused his mind."


A hand reached out and clasped me tightly. "I'm afraid the boy is hard to tame, and I'm afraid he's confused his mind." I shook my head, "What kind of road, how to go, it depends on their own, what can we decide?!" There was a flash of worry on Lu Li's face. "It seems that it's time to find a woman for him and let him go out of the palace to build a mansion!" How old is he? I couldn't help replying to him, "You are really not afraid of Ling's heartache." Lu Li opened a few memorials and suddenly said, "You go to see Yao Shuhuan more." "Why?" Lu Li did not lift his head. "She seems to be pregnant." "Then there's no reason to see her. Do you want her to conceive again?!" For a long time, he reacted to what was going on and immediately ordered him to leave, "Get out with your memorial under your arm!" "Not my child." “……” I was so surprised that I couldn't speak. This time she had to hide when she wanted to give birth to a child. I think it's hard for her. It would be great if you could help her. Of course I won't force you. That's like saying I know you don't agree with her, and you don't have the kindness to help her. I suddenly remembered the two children Yao Shuhuan had lost, and I couldn't help but be surprised. Help her? Help her cuckold you? I smiled, obviously ignoring his words. He didn't respond,14 tube fitting, as if the hat was on someone else's head. I'm ashamed of you. You're worthless! As I spoke, I leaned lazily on his back and completely put my weight on him. He let me lean on him and dared not move. Be careful of falling. He kindly reminded me. How long have you been wearing that hat? Although it would hurt his self-esteem, he couldn't help asking. He took a breath and turned over a page. I quickly comforted him by saying, "In fact, there is nothing shameful about it. The woods are big and there are all kinds of women. Buying more hats for you will enrich your life." He looked up at me,tube fitting manufacturer, the tone is still light, "are you very proud?!"! I want to have today, too. "It's a lie to say no." I sighed. "But you're just going to put up with it?" "After all these years, do you still care about this moment?" "She will be more pleased if you divorce her." "I promised her father that I would take care of her, and that man would never marry her." "What took you so long to say?!" "First, I didn't have the ability to protect her at the beginning, and to say it was to kill her." He paused and hurriedly picked it up again. "Second." I'm afraid you'll laugh at me. "Not afraid now?!" Chapter 29 adulterer and adulteress. When the flowers are blooming, my sedan chair shuttles back and forth on the palace road of the middle palace. It was too early, and there was no movement all the way. Mammy asked me softly from outside the sedan chair, "Which palace will the empress go to first?" I thought about it and said calmly, stainless steel hydraulic fitting ,stainless steel needle valve, "The House of Fantasy." It took Mammy a long time to react, and she answered softly. The sedan chair landed in the Huan Xi yuan, but no one came out to greet it. It was not until Mammy led the way and sent the maids forward that a few maids and eunuchs scattered out of the hall, followed by Yao Shuhuan. I stepped out of the sedan chair and accepted their salute. I came a little early and disturbed Shu Fei's Qingxiu. Smiling, I waited for her to approach: "We two sisters, no courtesy." When Yao Shuhuan saw me, he was a little surprised and uncertain. He listened to my words as if they were true or false. He straightened up his knees and looked directly at my face with a smile: "Now that the empress has returned to the palace, how can she think of me here?" I smiled and naturally took her hand. Such an intimate action made her very uncomfortable. Although I tried to hide it, I could still feel a tremor in her body. Of course I miss you. I laughed carelessly, and my words were so natural that no one could see a trace of hypocrisy except her and Mammy Jing. There was only me and her in the inner room. She filled me with tea and restored her indifference. "There is no one now. You don't have to hide it." I still laughed. "I haven't seen you for many days, but your temper hasn't changed at all." "What do you want to do?" "I should have asked you." I smiled coldly. Do you know what this place is? The woman laughed instead. Where?! "It's the harem!"! How many beauties have been wasted. The place where many ghosts were buried! You don't know life and death more than anyone else. "The empress said such a thing.". I really don't know whether I'm surprised or happy. Yao Shuhuan raised his head. Evoked a faint smile. All over the world. Isn't it you, Rong Zhaozhi, who is most eager for me, Yao Shuhuan, to die? Isn't it funny to say these things now? You want me dead, you want me alive. You just say a word. Don't be hypocritical. You are the only one in the world who has no right to pity me! All these years. I hate you and it's become a habit. One day I will be uncomfortable when I have no one to hate. I said and got up slowly. You don't have to pretend to be magnanimous, I tell you clearly, I hate you, Rong Zhaozhi, than Ling, than Fu Jing all hate you! He hasn't touched me since you saw us making love in the Chaoyang Hall, not once! I hate you, and I hate him for being careful with you! If I want to disgust him, I will also disgust you. So Don't pretend anymore. You know how my children die! Rong Zhaozhi, without his partiality, you would not have won me. Yao Shuhuan's voice gradually disappeared behind me, and my heart was confused. In the front hall of the East Palace, Mammy Jing was lighting a stove of sandalwood incense filled with purple smoke. When I rushed in, she obviously didn't react. Is Mammy in good spirits? Before I stepped forward, I asked head-on. With a shake of her hand, she gently put down Zhu Hao and dismissed the servant. She turned to me and smiled. "How could the empress come to the front hall at this time?" "How did Mammy do that?" I asked. She did not answer,ball valve manufacturer, but asked, "The old man doesn't understand what the empress means." Is this Mammy's wrist? Apart from this, isn't there any clever means? I looked at her and questioned her in this tone for the first time. She was the most prestigious old Mammy in Prince Ning's mansion. She would not be unaware of those things about Yao Shuhuan. She would not be indifferent to Yao Shuhuan's several miscarriages.