The Wind Sends the Jackets-The Fierce Bear

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He was there, gazing, and it was Ma Xing who turned back nine times in ten steps. I don't know whether he was looking at his Wei Nvxia, himself, or. He stayed in Jinling City for several years.

He was there, gazing, and it was Ma Xing who turned back nine times in ten steps. I don't know whether he was looking at his Wei Nvxia, himself, or. He stayed in Jinling City for several years. Xiaozhou Heng closed his eyes, but saw some flowers coming out of nothingness. Han Tieyi and Yu Bocheng, standing in the distance, were waving at themselves, laughing at the east wind. The number of people meet, a hundred years of laughter, can get a few times again. It's too hard, too hard. Let's go, Xiao Shuting. It's time for you to make an appointment with your best friend Shuiyanmei. The author has something to say: Jiuchunlou is mentioned in Chapter 13. Yu Bocheng was plotted against by Wang San in Chapter 17. Silly Dog Yu Bo becomes the head of the police even if he exits in "The Wind Sends Ying", and the story of him and Wei Xiaoluan will continue in the fourth series of "Crossing the River Cloud". Chapter 94 The floating world is narrow, parting is bitter, and it is difficult to tolerate. Xiaozhou Heng can only secretly wish him well for Yu Bocheng. May everything go smoothly in the future. Then, please be alive. Xiaozhou Heng's heart was sad, but this did not prevent him from thinking about the two things that Yu Bocheng's mouth was like thunder just now-how could Ding and Jiang be the queen mother's party? I haven't found it all these years! Is it too good to hide or slander, or. Xiaozhou Heng felt cold behind his back,cosmetic plastic tube, so he didn't want to go any further. As for Yu Bocheng and Wang San, and the mysterious man. Xiaozhou Heng is even more confused at the moment. Did Wang San deliberately lure Yu Bocheng to Yang Fu, or was it just a coincidence? What was the significance of their appearance at Yang Mansion that night? In this thinking, Xiaozhou Heng unconsciously is to the water smoke Mei, I do not know whether it is still early or how, has always been a lively teaching workshop division actually a little more with it does not match the loneliness. As soon as Xiaozhou Heng raised his eyes, he saw two people standing at the door with their backs to him. In this bright morning sun,custom cosmetic packing, between the bamboo floor and the flower pool, Xiaozhou Heng felt that several people were like uninvited guests. Xi Yun, Xing Yu. As soon as Xiaozhou Heng called, Yin Jiu Chu and Huangfu Chu turned around. Seeing the two of them whom he hadn't seen for a long time, Xiaozhou Heng was startled at first. Their robes were still covered with wind and frost, and their eyes were deeply sunken. What had they experienced during their absence from Jinling? How could they all be so haggard! "I thought you weren't coming, Justin." Huangfu Chu hugged and looked at Xiaozhou Heng. He broke the embarrassment first. He smiled at the corners of his mouth. "Let's go." Xiaozhou Heng's eyes swung again and again between the two of them, bringing their exhausted looks into their eyes. With a nod, the three of them stepped into the hall together and went upstairs to their familiar private room. After several people sat down, Xiaozhou Heng glanced at Yin Jiu Chu and realized the right hand he was trying to hide. He hesitated and asked, "Xiyun, your hand..?" Yin Jiu Chu smiled lightly as usual and hid his hand behind his back. "Shu Ting, I'm all right." "Don't cheat me." Xiaozhou Heng was so quick that he caught Yin Jiuchu's wrist. He was defenseless. Under Yin Jiuchu's extra sleeve, plastic laminted tube ,empty lotion tubes, he saw the ferocious, red, swollen and purple like dying wood. "Xiyun, you are.." What's going on? Yin Jiuchu didn't expect Xiaozhou Heng to make such a move. He looked flustered, and the smile on his lips was only sad. He wanted to break free, but Xiaozhou Heng caught him too tightly. He tried several times and failed: "It's really nothing. Shu Ting, let go." "How can this be called nothing?"? Who hurt you? Who have you offended? "You are floating on the top of the mountain. If your hands are not good, how can you paint in the future?" The remaining smile at the corners of Yin Jiu Chu's mouth was a little bit broken, and the hesitation made Xiao Zhouheng even more angry. How could such a serious injury be called nothing? I Then I can only stop painting. Yin Jiu Chu awkwardly turned his head away, still unwilling to say the twists and turns behind him, but pressed his lips hard. At this moment, the wind into the window, will be placed at the other end of the Huangfu Chu suddenly began to pluck the strings. Xiaozhou Heng loosened Yin Jiu Chu's wrist and looked at Huangfu Chu steadily. Xiaozhou Heng could hear it. It was the song he played when he first saw Huangfu Chu. But when I saw him begin to play it in a cold voice, picking seven strings and six strings at random, drawing four strings, picking six strings, drawing two strings, playing five times, pinching three times, pinching two strings, and playing five times more, he was full of the cause of the future in his heart between the bells. He was a high-spirited young man, showing his passionate and generous attitude, and his noble spirit was penetrating the rainbow. It is indeed Huang Fu Chu, who is full of chalkiness. Two good friends, chords cannot save the nation. In the second half of the song, Huangfu Chu did not know when his men had collapsed and burst into tears. "I thought you and I would be able to go into the world of mortals and forget the world." "But I can't forget it." Huangfu lowered his head again and again. "I went all the way north on this trip. Everywhere I looked, there were no people, and the four fields were depressed. I kept thinking that maybe I really did a lot of things wrong.." When Xiaozhou Heng saw that Huangfu Chu was so out of control, he was even more confused. "What did you do wrong?" I.. It's Zhong Bugui's official. "What did you say?" "Among the three heroes of Jinling, I felt that I was the most useless one, so when Zhong Bugui invited me to join the game, I answered." As soon as Huangfu Chu stopped, the sound of the string was still there. "Thinking of the fatuity of today's sages, and the fact that the bell does not return, I have the laudatory title of a wonderful magic machine. If I commit myself to him to save the country, I would like to do my best. So I work for him with my status." You.. Killed a man for him? "Yes, a lot." "You!" Xiaozhou was burning with anger, and the person playing the piano in front of him became so strange in a trance. Perhaps Xiaozhou Heng had never seen that person clearly. It's just that I can't ask about your choice with Shu Ting. You can speak frankly today, and it's not in vain that we've known each other for several years, but.. Yin Jiu Chu is also surprised to the extreme, interrupted the deadlock between the two, "I heard on the way to Shuiyanmei that Ding and Jiang were copied,metal cosmetic tubes, Xingyu, can you have a share of this matter?" Huangfu Chu was stupefied for a moment. His complexion was even more pale. He continued to burst into tears: "Let's call it that." How. Will? At that moment, something exploded in Xiaozhou Heng's mind. The picture of several people getting together that night when Huangfu Chu was absent flashed through his mind. He couldn't help shouting: "Wine!"! The bottle of wine that the empty knot brought! You actually came to Shuiyanmei that night! 。