My wife is born again.

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Dong Jie was silent for a moment, "I've eaten snakes." "Huh?"? You've eaten a snake and you're afraid of it?

Dong Jie was silent for a moment, "I've eaten snakes." "Huh?"? You've eaten a snake and you're afraid of it? Zhao Jie was surprised. "No, I mean, are you afraid of snakes and dare to eat them?" When I was a child, life was very hard, and I didn't have enough to eat, let alone meat. My health was very bad, and my brother tried his best to get me something nutritious to eat. He went to catch the snake, stamped it into pieces and stewed it into soup, and sprinkled wild vegetables on it for me to drink. Cut it into small diced meat and give me a snake kebab to eat. He lied to me that the villagers gave me some rabbit meat. I didn't know it at that time, but I thought it was delicious. Once, when my brother caught a snake, he was bitten by a snake. It was a poisonous snake. He insisted on walking home alone and was in a coma for two days. Strange to say, she has always been most afraid of those soft insects and snakes. She used to joke with her friends: If I had lived before liberation and joined the revolution and become an underground party member, I would not have been afraid of being arrested and tortured if I was not careful. However, if the enemy caught a bunch of insects and snakes to frighten me, I might have become a traitor. When she knew that she had accidentally eaten a lot of snakes, the nausea in her heart was beyond words. And the two days when Dashan was in a coma, the helplessness and fear at that time were nightmares that she never wanted to recall. From then on, she almost turned pale at the mention of snakes. Dong Jie looked away and stared blankly at her toes. It took her a long time to say, "In fact, I seldom think of these things in the past. I've been busier and busier these years,tube lip gloss, and I'm not in the mood to think about them.". Just, "just the original past, so clearly imprinted in the bottom of my heart, no matter when I think of it, it is clear as if it happened yesterday, can still affect her most subtle emotional strings.". The mountain just came back. Are you all up? Wait for me to wash my hands and let's cook something to eat. Dong Jie looked up at him, did not know why, only felt a sour nose,cosmetic tube packaging, tears suddenly rolled down. What is it? What is it? The mountain was startled, hurriedly hugged her into the bosom, wanted to pat her shoulder to comfort, but helpless own hand mud, Zhao Jie hurriedly handed over the wet towel to let him wipe his hands. Dong Jie vented and stopped himself, "Brother, I'm all right." Dashan took Zhao Jie to wash the towel again and wiped her crying face carefully. "It's all right.". Xiaojie, come in and sit down for a while, and my brother will make breakfast for you. When she entered the room, she immediately pulled Zhao Jie to ask the reason. She couldn't help falling down and said with chagrin, "Why did she bump into her?"? Brother Zhao, it's a good thing you're here. To this day, she still has nightmares of being chased and bitten by snakes from time to time, this time frightened, alas. They visited their neighbors, custom cosmetic packaging ,eye cream packaging tube, visited their tombs, and distributed the things they brought to them one by one. The villagers who had helped them in the past gave them more or less money according to the distance. The original intention of Dashan and Dong Jie is to take the neighbor uncle out and take care of him as their own old man. But the old man did not want to leave his native land. "They are all half-buried people. As the old saying goes, the golden nest and silver nest are not as good as our own grass nest.". Uncle wants to live in peace in this village. When he is free, he will go to your grandmother's grave to weed and talk to his sister. Dashan also came up with an idea, "Uncle, we have a better life now. There are many visits to nearby villages. There are orphans and widows living in difficulties. As long as she has a good character, Uncle also organizes a family. Someone is around to take care of you. Xiaojie and I can also rest assured." "You are talking foolishly. Isn't that taking advantage of the danger of others?"? Besides, uncle is used to living alone. At this age, he doesn't look for a job and doesn't think about it. Finally, he found the old village head, whose two sons were married, and whose two daughters-in-law were diligent and filial, and volunteered to take care of the old man. Dashan took out two hundred yuan and said, "Uncle and you have helped us a lot before.". Now, you two are old, this little money, usually with those families who are hunting to buy some meat to eat, is also a little token of Xiaojie and me. Uncle, in particular, usually has a meal without a meal. Old village head, you and my neighbor uncle are friends when they were young. When you eat, you can put an extra pair of bowls and chopsticks, or send them to him. In the future, I will ask the postman to send you two hundred yuan every year. You know, uncle, he grew up in our family. Hey, stop talking. In a word, please do it! Two hundred yuan, when did the mountain people ever see such a large sum of money? The village chief refused to accept it. Dashan, it's our duty to take care of each other in the neighborhood. Are you too strange? You are still a child. You have to go to school to make a living outside. There are many places to spend money. We can't accept this money. After several excuses, Dashan finally persuaded him to accept it. At this point, the trip home should be drawn to an end. Tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day to leave. Dashan and Dong Jie walked hand in hand on the hillside where they used to go. The last time they left, they cherished the yearning and longing for the outside world. This time, they were more attached and reluctant. Dong Jie likes two people like this to be together, even if they don't do anything, just say something casually. The first thing I want to do is to contact Dashan's mother. Will I leave Shenyang for Beijing in the future? Ha ha, she has been in Beijing for a few years, the understanding of the capital, ha ha. She smiled back at the mountain and said softly, "Don't listen to the sound of beating leaves through the forest. Why not sing and walk slowly?". Who is afraid that bamboo sticks and mango shoes are better than horses! A misty rain for a lifetime. Who's afraid? A misty rain for a lifetime! Chapter 62 mother and son finally meet (1). Xiping County, Post Office. Despite the telephone number left by his mother, Dashan was already familiar with it and would write it down from memory with his eyes closed. However, when filling out the call form at the counter, he still took out his mother's letter and filled it out one by one. After filling it out, he checked it several times one by one. Then he paid 10 yuan in advance for the call, read out his mother's phone number and asked the operator to answer the phone. I waited for half an hour. Dashan was very upset and asked the operator again and again, "Is the phone number wrong?"? Why can't I always answer the phone? The operator, a middle-aged woman with a very kind face, answered in a good voice every time that the telephone line was busy. Dong Jie held his hand,plastic laminated tube, "Brother, don't worry, long-distance calls are sometimes like this." 。