Mengbao Attacks: Daddy, You Are Good or Bad

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And his lips, then fiercely toward the two pink lips. Chapter 133 you can't fool me. When Ling Haochen's lips were about to kiss Du Xixia, another lightning appeared in the distant sky.

And his lips, then fiercely toward the two pink lips. Chapter 133 you can't fool me. When Ling Haochen's lips were about to kiss Du Xixia, another lightning appeared in the distant sky. At the moment of seeing the light, Du Xixia, who had already sunk into it, woke up and hurriedly pushed his body away. Not allowed She stepped back and put her hands in front of her chest to protect herself. Seeing her like this, Ling Haochen, who was originally deeply in love, was somewhat surprised, and his heart was sour, and he wanted to speak and stop. This is immoral. Du Xixia reached for his hair to the back of his head, tried to calm himself down, and took a deep breath. "No matter what, you and I are married." So what? My marriage with Jiang Zhiyue is not even as good as a blank sheet of paper. What about you and Nangong Shikun? It's just built on a blank sheet of paper. Du Xixia, you can't lie to me. I know you still have me in your heart! "You love me!" Feeling the taste of being rejected, Ling Haochen seemed a little excited, a pair of amber eyes looked at her firmly, stretched out his hand and poked his heart hard. Xixia, no matter how people deceive others,lycopene for skin, they can't deceive themselves. Do you want to live like this for the rest of your life? Let me and your son call someone else's father, and keep myself in the dark forever? Don't your heart hurt when you see Ran Ran so close to me? Seeing that he has many characteristics of mine, but you can't recognize his relatives, won't you feel uncomfortable? Ling Haochen, sentence after sentence, said the words in his heart, and every time he said a word,fenugreek saponins, let Du Xixia's heart ache a little. The original psychological defense was broken by him little by little. Eventually, Du Xixia had an emotional breakdown, and she put her hands around her head. Don't say it. She did not want to continue to listen, and her reaction confirmed that what Ling Haochen said was true, "Even if I want to divorce Nangong Shikun, it must not be for you.". Over the years, he has been kind to our mother and son. "Well?" Hearing Du Xixia's words, Ling Haochen asked and laughed, "Oh, I'm afraid the so-called grace is just self-directed and self-acting, right?" “……” Du Xixia's original expression of pain. Because of Ling Haochen's words and stiff in the face. What does he mean by that? Du Xixia was puzzled, let go of his hand, looked up at him, naringenin price ,tannic acid astringent, and bumped into his amber eyes, which seemed to have hidden secrets that could not be seen. She thought of the results of the examination she had seen, of the news of the discord between husband and wife, of all that had happened before. More and more of the worries in the original heart were proved to be true, and the feeling of panic made Du Xixia unbearable. She felt as if she were in the middle of a huge whirlpool, and she had been swallowed up so badly that she didn't know it. She became excited by the suppressed emotions. Even breathing began to become difficult. Shisha, I will not force you to make any decision, but as long as you feel good and can obey the decision you make in your heart, no matter what, I will support you. Ling Haochen was somewhat frightened by her appearance, reached out his hand and put it on her shoulder to comfort her gently, "I'm sorry, I just scared you." Ling Haochen gentle down, so he, so that the original emotional Du Xixia began to improve. The atmosphere did not have the original tension, after easing down, Du Xixia gently did not open the body, Ling Haochen also very naturally took back the hand. Before that, I mentioned the divorce to Nangong Shikun, but. I don't think he'll agree. After a while, Du Xixia said beside him. When the word "divorce" jumped out of her mouth, Ling Haochen was ecstatic. He stared at her in surprise. Compared with his excitement, Du Xixia seemed much calmer. "The decision I made was purely to be responsible for myself and my children, and I didn't think about what would happen to you again." "Why?" Ling Haochen's joy suddenly disappeared, puzzled. Because you and Michael might not be a good father. "Du Xixia said and looked up at him, with an indescribable touch of sadness in his eyes." What I did was just to provide a better environment for Ran Ran to grow up. " Her implication is that what he can give him is not good? No reason, Ling Haochen's heart out of a fire, and Du Xixia want to argue about this issue, but she looks very tired. It's getting late. I have to go to work tomorrow. Go to bed early. Du Xixia turned away and lowered his eyes, his face tired and unwilling to talk to him any more. Ling Haochen helpless, in the heart that full of words but had to hard to hold back. He watched Du Xixia go to the small room to get a thin blanket for him, and then went upstairs on his own. Know that her figure disappeared in his line of sight, Ling Haochen's footsteps did not move for it, standing in place of his fists clenched, eyes with more and more resolute light. The next day, Ling ran couldn't wait to get up early and ran downstairs in his pajamas without washing. But when he opened the door of each room and ran to the door to see that the car had disappeared, he could not help crying loudly, "Wow.." Mommy, you're lying. Du Xixia was awakened by his crying. He stumbled downstairs and saw Ling Ran standing in the doorway and wiping his cheeks at random. "Mommy, you really let uncle go at such a dangerous time. What if something happens to uncle? Wow.." Because of Ling Ran's cry, Du Xixia's eyes fell on the sofa where she had put the blanket yesterday. The blanket was still there intact, and there was no sign of anyone sleeping on the sofa. It can be seen that Ling Haochen really didn't stay here last night,akba boswellic acid, but. When did he go back? She really doesn't know. There was a touch of worry in my heart, but I thought that he was no longer the big boy who used to deal with things impulsively, and he should consider his own safety. Think of these. Her mind was much less troubled.