Ultra OSRS 99 Fletching Manual (Profitable and Fast Methods)

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In 2007scape, fletching is a popular method to earn cash due to its AFK capabilities and the minimal requirements for acquiring skills even at high levels. With modest investment or with the right level of woodcutting, most players can turn profit and invest small amounts of money in the a

On the flip side, this skill can also become extremely boring and boring if it isn't broken up by breaking it up into an interesting task. I've compiled the most comprehensive OSRS Fletching guide for levels 1 through 99 to help you. There are options for whether you're trying to stay active and master multiple skills, or simply turn off completely and enjoy Netflix as background.

Method One: Multiskilling Arrows and Bolts


This technique is extremely popular because it is able to be used while doing pretty much any other task. If you're doing Slayer tasks, you'll be able fletch arrows without slowing the rest of your skill.


First, you'll have to spend a decent amount of time making your own bowshafts, arrowheads, and collecting feathers, purchasing all of these items from the Grand Exchange. If you purchase all of your supplies, this strategy could cost you quite an amount of GP for each EXP.


On the other hand, it takes a lot of time to create all these materials when you're not purchasing them. I suggest spending time creating arrows as you're practicing a core art. All you have to carry is bowshafts, arrowheads and feathers with you while doing something else to make GP. In this way, you'll be able buy the necessary materials following each run.


This is why it is essential to create the finest arrows possible, so from 1 to 30, design regular iron rods. At 30, switch over to steel arrows and at 55, begin designing broad bolts. Take note that for Broad Bolts, you will be required to spend 300 Slayer Points with a Slayer Master to construct bolts. It's a good use of time to be training Slayer while working toward achieving 55 Fletching.


If you decide to not spend any time on Slayer, then create the most powerful arrow it is possible to create until you reach 99. Broad bolts or arrows will bring you to 99 at around 155 exp/hour, at the peak rate.

Second Method: Bank Noting and Bows


The other option, which is creating unstringed bows and then stringing them, provides slightly more EXP per hour as opposed to making archers. It's still more boring than the standard arrows method. If you've spent a lot of time at in the Grand Exchange or Seers Village bank, you've probably noticed players fletching at their banks, with no movement in any other direction, and without doing anything other.


This is the true nature and purpose of Fletching Training. This isn't a click-intensive or a focus-demanding activity, so you'll be able access Netflix on another device or the podcast you love and turn off. In addition you'll have to wait around 40 seconds in each inventory to fletch all the bows when you click. Here's how to do it:


First, take note logs along with a knife, then stand near a bank deposit box and an officer. The ideal place for this is the Seers Village bank. In the back corner Use the logs you noted on the banker , and turn them into real logs. Fletch all the logs to untrung bows. Then, deposit them into the bank's deposit box. Repeat the process.


You may not wish to maximize efficiency. You can use any bank, leave the logs in your bank, and deposit and withdraw usually. However, if you're into a steady flow using the above method the rate of your earnings could exceed 200k per hour at the level 50.


Stringing bows could actually gain if you go to the Grand Exchange and sting unstrung bows that you purchase on the exchange. This method is also faster than fletching unstrung bows, at a rate of about 2:3 (stringing:fletching.) At the moment at the time of writing, you'll gain around 1.1 grams per hour by stringing the Yew Longbows , and 0.8 GBP/exp when stringing Magic longbows.


If you're not sure about the GP/exp rate, this is a way of defining how much GP points you earn or how much you pay to increase your proficiency. A positive number is beneficial because you're making into a profit. Negative values mean you're paying GP to advance, which is typically faster than the more profitable strategies.


In this case it's possible to make upwards of 180k exp/hour and making money! But, it's important to look at the exchange prices before investing in this technique for a profit as not all bows can yield a profit. Prices are constantly changing at the Grand Exchange.


So which bows should you make for 1 to 99? I would suggest making unstringed bows from logs and selling them when they reach 10 levels, then stringing longbows with no strings until the level 20. Fletch short bows made of oak and longbows into unstrung bows from levels 20 to 25 in the range of 25 to 35 respectively. Fletch willow bows for shortbows until 40. Then, you can use willow longbows up to level 50. In the meantime the chances are that you haven't earned a significant profit if you're buying your supplies.


After 50, you'll begin to earn more money since you'll begin making bows out of maple. At this level I suggest stringing everything up to level 99 to have the fastest performance per hour. Stringing is markedly quicker than the process of fletching bows with no strings and both will typically turn to a profit.


Making the switch to unstrung bows for shorter bows can turn a better overall profit. But it does reduce the rate at which you advance and the higher level hourly GP/hour is more than the slight increase in price that you get when you are at lower levels. String the best bow that you can until you've reached the magic longbows at the point where you'll earn approximately 200k GP as well as exp/hour, some of the highest rates available to get better at the game.

Method Three Method Three: Darts


The art of making Darts is the fastest way to get to 99 Fletching. But be aware that you'll be losing gold while doing it, especially when buying the materials. Here's a rundown of which Darts that you must craft at what stage. It is not necessary to always choose the latest version, because Dragon Darts is the most expensive gold sink to use for fletching. It isn't worth spending too much for.


1-22: Bronze Darts

22-37: Iron Darts

37-52: Steel Darts

52-67: Mithril Darts

67-81: Adamant Darts

81-99: Rune Darts


This method doesn't have any prerequisites save the materials and the minimum level needed for this type of Dart. You can adjust your mouse keys to make it more bearable. There's a way to more XP each time. Select one object, then double-click another and continue double-clicking each one. This isn't as much mouse movement, but may require more attention.


It is important to note that this method comes with an expensive price. Utilize online calculators to determine which materials have the greatest GP/XP rates. Also, this will inform you which Darts you can afford to purchase within your budget.


Ironmen can also make darts, but need to be stopped in Adamant Darts. Rune Darts are marginally more effective than Adamant ones, but they're not worth the effort. When making Rune Darts, you're missing the opportunity to make other alch-able products, resulting in a loss of revenue. It's inherently unsustainable, therefore it's not advised.