OSRS Herblore Overview

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OSRS Herblore Guide - Training 1-99 Fast (F2P and P2P Methods)

Herblore, originally named Herblaw, is a skill where the player can make potions with herbs and other unusual ingredients. Most players prefer to increase their level to make specific potions or participate in raids, as it's a costly skill to increase your level. Although it can be a bit difficult to reach Level 99 however, this OSRS Herblore guide is designed to hopefully make that process a little easier.

What Do I Need to Know about Herblore for This OSRS Guide?


The only ability within the game that is not unlockable through quests. It is the only skill that can be quest-unlocked. Druidic Ritual will allow players to access it after having completed the quest. The base of training Herblore to use OSRS is identifying herbs and making potions and the latter is more efficient. Since herbs are only obtained in substantial quantities through farm and monster drops, it can take an extended period of time Ironmen to gather enough ingredients to get Level 99.

A few useful Items


While these do not have to be essential to training Herblore however, they may aid the process a little bit.


Botanical Pie increases your Herblore level by four temporarily. This allows you to take the next step early when you're comfortable with the additional costs.

Amulet of Chemistry: Sometimes creates a four-dose potion instead of a single dose. This is great for preserving ingredients or to make money.


How to 99 Herblore


Generally, the fastest way to achieve 99 Herblore is to create potions. Other regimens for training could be profitable, slower, or both. However, the fastest training regimens usually come at the steep cost of millions of GP therefore, you are able to choose which one you prefer to apply.

Making Potions

Attack Potions (3-38)


Attack potions, created with Guam leaves, and the eyes of newt are the first potion you'll be able to make during the game. Since these potions have little selling value, they'll be sold at a loss. Even though it is an initial potion, you could get 60,000 hours of experience and rapidly progress to higher-level potions.

Prayer and Potions (38-45+)


Prayer potions are always in high demand for parking or slaying, or even questing. Even though the price is high, you will still make each potion at a tiny cost, but the most recent surge in Snape Grass has reduced the cost to a fraction. It's simply a blend of Rannar Weed and Snape Grass, and this is a continuous 200 000 experience per hour.


You can pick one of two routes from this list The more expensive one is significantly faster than the second. There is a difference between XP and CP. between the two is tiny, so the decision is based on the amount of gold you're willing burn.


Expensive way:


Prayer Potions to reach level 52

Go on towards Super Energy Potions at level 52 up to 94


Cheap way:


Prayer Potions till level 84

At the level 84, switch on Extended Antifire Potions until you reach level 94.


Anti-Venom+ Potions (94-99)


The two approaches will converge back at level that 94. This is the point at which you can make Anti-Venom+ potions. You could earn gold this way, though how much still depends on the current condition in the marketplace. If you do have money to burn, make the most potent potion you can at your level.


Due to the tiniest cost margin they have the lowest XP/GP ratio up to the level of 99. It is produced by mixing an Anti-Venom using the Torstol. The potion can be designed to help treat poison and venom. It is beneficial for PvP as well as Zulrah fights. Because these potions are two times slower than other potions, you will only gain around 150,000 experience per hour.

Other cheap alternatives


Here are a few other recipes you can do in between the steps above. Of course, it is important to take into account the cost of making these potions using a Herblore Calculator. Budgeting is an essential skill since you're likely to lose cash in the majority of cases.

Serum 207 (15-38+)


It is a fairly inexpensive method (at approximately 5GP per XP) using Tarromin and ashes. The ability to make this potion is unlocked during the Shades of Mort'ton quest, and they are employed to help afflicted villager. You must manually click each brew and it's a minimum of 100,000 XP per hour.

Super Energy Potions (52-66/81+)


Super Energy Potions are relatively cost-efficient at around 5 GP/XP. They're created with Avantoes along with Mort Myre fungi. Because it is an ingredient that is used as a second ingredient in making Stamina potions, they are quite simple to sell them on the Grand Exchange. Combining these two ingredients can yield more than 280,000 experience every hour, and it is a viable option until potions with high levels of potency.

AFK Tarromin Tar (39+)


Herblore is a difficult skill, and some prefer learning it with the slow AFK way. Because tar can be stacked and stackable, you can build up an entire inventory of herbs and let your character slowly create Tars. At the same time you can play a different person or even watch TV. Expect to gain around 100,000-plus hours of gaming while costing just under 300 GP for each tar that is created.

Super-Attack Potions (45-52)


Since you can easily resell Super Attack Potions, it is a cost-effective and quick method to get trained till Super Energies are unlocked. It is necessary to make unfinished Irit potions as well as eyes of newt, which mirrors how normal Attack Potions are created. If you're persistent, you can gain 250,000 XP in an hour.

Super Defence Potions (66+)


While slightly more costly than Super Energy potions with 7 GP/XP, Super Defence Potions are a fast way to blast through certain levels. You'll lose about 1,000 GP per pot while earning the incredible amount of 370,000 experiences per hour.

Bastion Potions (80-99)


Bastions potion was released with an update to the Theatre of Blood update and are one of the only ways to use vials of blood. The idea is that it's one of the combinations of the Super Defence potion and a Ranger potion, which will save inventory space for tanks that range. The blood is mixed alongside Cadantine Wines of Zamorak for the final product. After reselling, you only lose 1,100 GP and will net 380,000 XP for every hour.

Saradomin Brews (81-99)


Saradomin Brews offer the fastest experience but cost more over other tools. This is mostly due to both the herb and birds nests being expensive and potions that are resold at lower costs. The loss is at the very least 2500 gold per potion, but gain 450,000 experience every hour.

Super-Combat Potions (90-99)


Potions for combat are popular for PvP and PvM reasons, so they can consistently be sold to mitigate the costs. It is made by combining all Super Attack/Strength/Defence potions with a Torstol. You'll lose just 150 coins per potion that you create (depending on the current price) while earning over 300,000 XP in an hour.

Extended Super Anti-Fire Potions (98-99)


The recommended option within this Herblore instruction manual on OSRS includes Extended Super Antifire Potions. While you can only use it during the last portion of your training session These potions are the fastest method to train, and are half the cost of Saradomin Brews. Upgrade a Super antifire brew using stackable Lava scale shards and give you 400,000 XP in an hour. It is necessary to finish Dragon Slayer II to make these. However, most high-level players will probably have it finished in the end.

Other Training Methods Herblore

Cleaning Herbs that Make Profit


Cleansing the messiest of herbs isn't the most preferred method to train the skills since it's extremely click-intensive to master. Fortunately for those lacking gold, most herbs will yield some profit while learning. The most lucrative is Torstol cleaning at Level 75, in which a player could earn more than 700,000 gold and 70,000 experience per hour.

Making Tar


It's less time-consuming than making potions, and it's a cheaper way to boot. But, it has the disadvantage of having lower XP rates. There's also a limit on purchases on tar, requiring you to build up your stock prior to. Otherwise your limit is 13,000 Tar will only last you an hour of training in the best case. Harralander Tar has the highest rate in addition to being among the expensive to produce.

Making Tea


Guthix Rest is a valuable tea that makes this an effective method to earn money. However, it is important to take care or you might end up with a ruined one, and not earn any XP or profits. It's a task that requires concentration but rewards the most gold as well as a lot of experience. You should add two Guam as well as a Marrentill, and one Harralander into a cup of hot water. Turn them into 4-dose teas by talking to Bob Barter prior to selling your tea!

Quests that Provide Herblore Experience


Jungle Potion

Recruitment Drive

Heroes' Quest

The Dig Site

Shades of Mort'ton

Zogre Flesh Eaters

Fairytale II - Cure a Queen

Grim Tales

Land of the Goblins

My arm's big adventure

Eadgar's Ruse


of the Elves. of the Elves




If there's a lesson to take in this OSRS Herblore Guide, it's how fast you train Herblore depends on how much cash you're willing to put aside. This is the slowest skill to master for Ironmen, as all herbs have to be gathered manually. Growing the herbs could help in providing you with the required ingredients.