Runescape Lovakengj Favour

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This comprehensive Lovakengj Favour Guide will cover everything you need to know to get 100% favour in the Lovakengj House.The easiest method to get to Lovakengj is to use the Xeric's talisman that allows you to teleport to the Xeric's Inferno.

If you don't have a Talisman of Xeric, you'll have be able to get towards Lovakengj.You could use the Fairy Ring teleport C I S if the payment was 80k to Trossa in advance. From there, go west towards Lovakengj.


You can also connect to Wintertodt using the games necklace and then head southwest to Lovakengj.At zero Lovankengj's favor, you can only mine Volcanic Sulphur.You'll need 42 mining in order for you to extract Volcanic Sulphur.


Also, you'll need wear either Slayer Helmets (58 Slayer) as well as a gas Mask (Plague City Quest) or an Eye Mask (10 Slayer) in order to protect yourself from the toxic gasses.The volcanic Sulphur mine can be found in the northwestern region of the Lovankengj region.


This mine is full of Volcanic Ash that you can mine relatively quickly.Each Volcanic Sulphur mined will provide you with 0.033 favor as well as 25 hours of mining experience.The clouds that surround the mine, can cause damage if you they are not removed. The damage will be equal to 1 hit per tick.


Food is advised.A bank chest is available in the southeastern corner of the mine for you to re-stock on food.Players may also bring runes for a curse spell to attack some of the spiders nearby and take them to a pile of Sulphur.Doing this will place you in a fight and counter the damage done to you by clouds.


You can bank the Sulphur that you extract if you intend to make Dynamite to increase your Favour later on. If you do not drop them, it is much more efficient.If you'd like to apply this approach all the way to 100% favour, you'll need to mine 3,800 Volcanic Sulphur. It will also give you 95,000 mining hours.


At 30 percent Lovakengj favor, you will unlock the fastest way to get Lovakengj Favour: Creating armour sets to the Shayzien soldiers.However, this comes with some requirements:You'll need 65 mining to get the Lovakite required.Lovakite can be extracted in the Lovakengj mine, they are situated next to a bank.


To make an Lovakite bar, you'll need to combine melting 1 Lovakite with 2 Coal Ores within the Lovakite Furnace.This furnace is located in the center of Lovakengj. (Alternatively you can use the superheat item spell. Other furnaces don't work)


After that, you'll have to smith these into armour pieces using Lovakengj Anvil. Lovakengj Anvil.The Anvils located close to the northeast on the Lovakite Furnace.You'll need at least 11 Lovakite bars to make the full armour set.To transform the armour pieces into an armourset crate, you'll need to use an armourset crate with a full set.These crates can be located in the drawers in any of the Armourer houses.


It is recommended that you only create armour sets as they will earn the highest amount of favor. If your Smithing level isn't enough to make an entire set and you want to make lower-tier sets.For example, if you have 60 Smithing, you should create Tier 1 armour sets, and not create separate pieces made of Tier 2 armour.The more advanced your smithing ability, the faster you will gain Lovakengj favour.


At 20 20% Lovakengj favor, you can finish The Forsaken Tower quest.The quest is quick, easy and rewards the player with 10% favour within the Lovakengj house.Ideally you'll be able to complete this quest once you've reached 20% favour which can instantly increase up to 30% favour which is the prerequisite to make Lovakite Armour.


Mine Volcanic Sulphur Until 20% Lovankengj Favour

Complete the Forsaken Tower quest

Smith Shayzien Supply armour sets up to 100% favor

If you don't possess 65 mining and 53 smithing which are necessary to make armoursets The best choice is to extract Volcanic Sulphur until 100% favour.It will hurt, it will but not as much as producing dynamite.Which is something you should avoid at all costs.I've done 0 - 100% Lovakengj favour on multiple ironmen and it's not so bad if you limit your own favour to 20-30% every day.The 90% mining time you'll gain, is a nice reward.