Old School Runescape Mining Money Making

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Mining is among the more difficult skills in the game. Most people don't enjoy advancing their mining ability, let alone making money with it. It is possible to earn profits mining, but don't expect to make a fortune in a short amount of time. Some methods can be done without a

Very helpful OSRS Mining Items


Dragon Pickaxe. It needs 60 miners and an attack of 61. It's around 6% faster than a pickaxe rune. Although it might not sound like an awful amount however, when you're mining for hours, the 6 percent becomes a lot less. It also comes with an attack that increases mining by 3 for a few seconds.


Crystal Pickaxe. This is an improved version of Dragon Pickaxe. It's 3% faster than it's predecessor, the Dragon pick, but it needs 71 mining to utilize it, and the ability to attack 70 and agility 50 to use it. The charge for the pickaxe is made using Crystal Shards. Although this could be a turnoff in some cases, it actually makes an important difference. If you have an Elven Signet, it will reduce the rate at which you consume charges.


Mining Gloves. Wearing gloves for mining increases the little chance of not destroying a rock after mining the ore.


Motherlode Mine

It is possible that you are aware of the Motherlode Mine method since it is the most popular at the moment. It can be carried out in AFK and it awards plenty of XP along with a little profit as a bonus. To start to Motherlode mine you need to be reached level 30, but at this point you can only collect coal only. The process of unlocking ores is in the same manner as you would normally. Once you've reached level 40 in mining you will unlock gold. at 40 mithril you unlock adamantite, at 70, and so on. The higher your level, the greater profit you can make.


In terms of the amount of XP you earn per hour, this also increases depending on your level, just like your profits. At level 30 , mining, you get around 20k XP/hour, however you could earn more than that , depending on the products you utilize. There is also the possibility of earning as much as 300K GP per hour with this method, dependent on your level. Your profits will go towards the top limit once you reach level 85 mining. If you use an AFK approach, profits are reasonable. If you want higher GP in an hour you can't do it with AFK mining methods.


Amethyst Mine

Amethyst mining can be done within the Mining Guild area. It is the top level ore, and it is somewhat AFK as a mining method. You will only be able to obtain one ore for each mine. When compared to Motherlode mining, it needs some input from the player. Amethyst is priced relatively well, and you can earn anywhere between 250K to 400K GP per hour, depending on the ore price. It is recommended to have 92 Mining. For maximum profits you must wear Mining Gloves.


Blast Mine

Even even if the Blast Mine requires levels 43 or higher mining it is advised to mine at 75. This is not AFK. To accomplish this you'll need a Chisel Tinderbox and dynamite. Then, you chisel holes in the wall, insert the dynamite and ignite it. If you're aware of the blast area, you should not take any damage. Ore is blasted to the ground. You have to get them out, but they'll vanish if you store them for too long. Place the ore in the sack of ore near the operator. When 450 ore has been collected in the sack the operator will let you know and you can collect it. At 75 mining or higher you can earn as much as 500K GP per hour.


Rune Ore

Rune ore is one the highest-paying mining ores however the returns will vary based upon your level, what things you use to aid you to mine, as well as the number of players you are playing against.


The most efficient place where you can mine Rune ore is through the Mining Guild. It is in the Mining Guild, all ores take half the time to be respawned. As Rune ore is normally respawned in 12 minutes in the Mining Guild that takes only 6 hours to respawn. There are two rocks to choose from. It will take 85 mining resources to mine Rune ore. The most efficient way of mining Rune ore is to wait until the ore respawns , and then swaps worlds. Just jump through a handful of worlds, and ensure you are aware of when each ore respawns. It is important to do this since there will be other players also farming Rune ore, and the only advantage you'll have is knowing when they respawn.